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ITU World Communications and Information Society Day – WTISD 2014

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Esteban Pacha Vicente

Esteban Pacha

The IMSO Director General attended a high level meeting at the International  Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva on 16 May 2014 celebrating ITU World  Telecommunications and Information Society Day – WTISD 2014. The theme related to  Broadband for Sustainable Development.

The event was opened by a video message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations,  Mr Ban Ki-Moon, who highlighted that broadband networks provide smart eco-friendly  solutions to manage cities and transport systems, enhance efficiency for manufacturing  industries, conduct long distance diagnosis and treatments in remote locations, and promote  innovative educational applications around the world. All of these elements mentioned by the  UN Secretary-General are relevant to communications at sea: monitoring transport systems;  power generation including ships efficiency; and services on board ships such as health and
training on boats while at sea, for which reliable high speed/high capacity satellite-based  broadband communications are fundamental.

ITU World Telecommunications and Information Society Awards were presented to the two  Co-Chairmen of the UN Broadband Commission: H.E. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and  Mr Carlos Slim, in recognition of the exceptional contribution of the Broadband Commission towards development and improvement of the lives of the world’s citizens through ICTs. As a founder member of the Broadband Commission, the IMSO Director General continues to promote the use of satellite-based broadband to provide connectivity to maritime and aeronautical industries at the same time that safety and tracking systems are improved, and
for social communications of those on board.

The Director General took the opportunity to personally congratulate the Secretary-General of the ITU, Mr Hamadoun Touré, on the success of WTISD 2014.

Further information is available from http://www.itu.int/en/wtisd/2014

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