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Bowline Defence Ltd is awarded ISO PAS 28007 Certification

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Richard Tickle of Bowline Defence receives the ISO PAS 28007 certificate from Steve Cameron, RTI Forensics

Richard Tickle of Bowline Defence receives the ISO PAS 28007 certificate from Steve Cameron, RTI Forensics

London: 20th May 2014 – Bowline Defence Ltd formally received its ISO 28000 certification scoped to ISO/PAS 28007:2012 from RTI Forensics at an awards presentation in London recently. ISO/PAS 28007 is the fast growing benchmark for a quality management system for maritime security companies within the International Organisation for Standardisation framework (ISO).

John Holmes, a retired Major General who commanded the SAS during the first Gulf War and was later Director of UK Special Forces, and Chairman of Bowline said, “This is a great achievement by a young company that is growing quickly and has high ambitions. It is an article of faith for us that commercial success depends on upholding the highest standards of transparency and compliance; this is what our clients want and this is what we deliver.”

Nick Gasson, Compliance and Standards Manager for Bowline said, “Many SME’s adopt management systems accredited by the ISO process, but to gain ISO/PAS 28007 is particularly satisfying given the intensity of the accreditation process. This certification, together with the fact that a significant proportion of our operational staff come from Special Forces means that Shipowners, Ship Managers and Charterers alike can be totally confident that our product is robust and thoroughly compliant with best practice.”

Bowline is also in the process of being licenced to provide armed guards on board German Flagged Vessels in accordance with the German Federal Trade and Export Control Agency (BAFA). Obtaining this license is also an extremely demanding exercise, involving each operator in a detailed 5-day training course in German Law as well as specific Firearms competency tests above and beyond standard requirements; Bowline will be one of very few international Maritime Security Companies to possess both accreditations.

Gasson, a former Captain in the Royal Navy, continued, “It is extremely important for Bowline to be thoroughly prepared to meet the requirements of its clients. This is precisely why we have demonstrated compliance with both International and European standards. The use of armed deterrence at sea is not undertaken lightly; our clients must be assured that we meet and exceed their expectations in managing the delivery of our service worldwide.”

Bowline joins an increasing pool of ISO/PAS 28007 certified security companies offering a transparent auditable and accountable quality management system for the delivery of an armed deterrent on board merchant ships, an area in which Bowline has extensive experience.

About Bowline

Bowline Defence provides clients with maritime defence at a standard that is only available from a specialised naval unit. A large proportion of our operational staff have Special Forces backgrounds with extensive relevant experience and expertise that allow us to manage risks to clients in the maritime environment. Bowline is a highly professional and reliable British company, whose staff have supplied maritime security services to over 50 shipping companies, and have completed more than 1, 000 successful voyages, with an unblemished track record and with no damage whatsoever to ship or crew.

Bowline also has a close association through John Holmes with Titon International, a security consultancy with particular expertise in managing the security requirements of oil companies exploring in difficult environments, and with Quintel Intelligence, an intelligence and investigations company which, inter alia, provides geographic and industry specific intelligence.


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