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What vote Europe really wants?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

What will be this coming Monday morning the political picture in Europe after each state’s results are announced?  Will the final result re-shape European policy? What is the voters message? There are so many issues to be addressed and as the world is in a really turmoil,  many things are at stake. Besides, elections are held in Ukraine this Sunday to elect a successor to Victor Yanukovych, the deposed president… A mere coincidence or what…?  Does Europe needs here and now a constitution if we are to talk serious business and honest politics? John Faraclas reports from London, Brussels and Athens…

This early morning sunshine in London promised a big turn-out for both the Local Elections for the local councillors, as well as the European one for the new MEP’s with the UKIP trying on both cases its best!

All was smooth in my local West London pooling station, very well organised and indeed civilised…

The results as these lines are written are that in the UK’s local elections Labour and the UKIP are doing/will do well; as for the Euro figures, hold your breath until Monday… The Conservatives need to get their act together and be on their own, if they wish to run the future of the United Kingdom… Coalitions you said: time to pay the prize!

Our flight from Brussels to Athens was full of voters as well as members of Greece’s European Parliament and other officials; one thing emerged: anxiety for the result; apathy being the name of the game…! An unease  atmosphere prevailed when landed in Athens… Time will tell… The song of the Mamas and the Pappas will prevail though “Monday Monday…. and trust that day”- listen to that unique song and read the lyrics too to get the message..

This and other news can be heard live in the sort video herebelow from Brussels airport.

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