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HELMEPA’s environmental campaign comes to an end in the city of Chalkis

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The Exhibition

The Exhibition

HELMEPA’s informative activities were completed with success in the city of Chalkis, the twelfth and final stop of a Campaign that the Association implemented across 12 Greek cities over the past 3 years with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation* (the Foundation).

The program’s Marine Environment, Shipping and Sciences Exhibition was kindly hosted in the Municipality of Chalkis’ “Asteria” shore-front complex for 8 days. More than 750 students and 77 teachers from Primary Schools in Chalkis and from Agios Nikolaos, Artaki, Nea Lampsakos, Rovies and Fyla around Euboea, were shuttled to and from the Exhibition, with costs covered by the program.

What is more, in the context of European Cleanup Day, on Friday, 9 May, students and teachers from the 2nd Primary School of Artaki voluntarily participated in a cleanup of “Asteria” Beach and recorded all litter collected on special data sheets, thereby directly observing the fact that the greatest proportion of litter ending up on beaches originates from the recreational activities of beachgoers.

Children's guided tour of the exhibition

Children’s guided tour of the exhibition

As has been the case in each city along the route of the Campaign, a study of the level of student environmental awareness was also conducted in Chalkis. Students who visited the Exhibition anonymously completed tailor-made questionnaires. The aggregate results of this investigation from all the 12 cities visited, together with other significant results, will be published by HELMEPA this July.

HELMEPA warmly thanks the Municipality of Chalkis for hosting the Exhibition and Ms Th. Kalambaliki, School’s Activities Director of the Primary Education Directorate of Euboea for coordinating the scheduling of visits to the Exhibit and for her support in the organization of the Environmental Education Workshop. Finally, a big thank you to the all the teachers, the students and their parents, for their enthusiastic response to the challenge of actively taking part in the broad efforts towards a better future.

For further information contact:
HELMEPA’s Environmental Awareness Section
Tel: 210 93 43088, Fax: 210 93 53847
Email: environment@helmepa.gr

*A charitable foundation, helping to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research. www.lrfoundation.org.uk.

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