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Navis delivers DP2 system for the largest fast supply vessel built in Asia

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navis 3 27052014Navis DP for FOS THOR fast supply vessel

Dynamic positioning control systems from Navis Engineering have met performance expectations set out in the sea trials of the 62m aluminium fast supply vessel (FSV) FOS THOR.  Designed by, built for and managed by Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd (FOS), of Singapore, FOS THOR is equipped to meet the highest industry standards andis the largest vessel of its type to be built in Asia.

FOS THOR features four controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and two bow thrusters, a configuration ensuring superior DP performance, where fast crew vessels are commonly specified featuring fixed pitch propellers or water jet propulsion.

navis27052014The vessel features a unique loitering mode, allowing it to remain on station using only one propeller and one bow thruster. This helps to reduce fuel consumption significantly during waiting periods near the rig. In common with other vessels equipped with the Navis DP system, this ‘hold area’ capability also reduces system wear and tear.

The algorithms used by the Navis DP system enable rapid DP operation start-up, accruing additional fuel and operational cost savings. Furthermore, the Navis DP system is the most compact now on the market, representing a key advantage within the space-constraints of the FSV bridge.

About Navis Engineering

Navis Engineering Oy, founded in 1992, is a privately owned Finnish manufacturer of dynamic positioning and vessel motion control systems. The company headquarters is located in Vantaa, Finland, where production takes place, while it also has a R&D Centre in St Petersburg, Russia. Navis pioneered the installation of a DP control system onboard  of the first water jet driven crew boat in 2002 and has since been involved with around 120 fast crew boats.

About Fast Offshore Supply Pte Ltd (FOS) company

Fast Offshore Supply (FOS) is a Singapore-based company which develops, builds and operates offshore vessels in Asia-Pacific. With its first vessel delivered in 2005 FOS pursues excellence in designing, building and operating one of Asia’s most advance fleet of Fast Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (FMSV). Most crew boats are built from aluminium for better weight ratio and therefore better speed.

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