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Who can uplift the shipping markets?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Who can uplift the shipping markets?

What can uplift the shipping markets?

Two important questions!!!!!!!!

This is the twentieth overview of the shipping markets and world events by John Faraclas from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk in Athens the 30th of May 2014: 

The BDI closed down six points since yesterday the 29 May at  934, which is 30 points down since last week’s 964 points  – still below the 1, 000 point mark! Overall this is 1, 293 points down from December’s 2013 last closing, a 58.01 centum drop! Once again it is important to remind you these figures and percentages so that you know the real drop!

It was the Panamaxes last week keeping the “pace” but that evaporated and the Cape size tonnage “come back” today, a bit more formidable, but nothing overall spectacular!

  • The BCI,  closed up 16 points since yesterday at  1, 395,  which is also 37 points up since last week’s 1, 358 points; something to …celebrate!
  • The BPI was down  32 points since yesterday at 872 points, which is 129 points down since last week’s tin tin reversed …err 1, 001! That barrier still remains under question; we shall see!
  • The BSI down nine points at 836 points, down 30 points since last week’s 866… again still under the 1, 000 points mark/barrier…
  • The BHSI  at 485 points just 5 up since last week’s 480 points…
  • The wets now:  A seven-point down for the BDTI index at 667 which is 17 points down from last week’s 684 points   The BCTI  was down two points since yesterday at 527 which is eight points down since last week’s  535 points.
  • Difficult days ahead particularly with the geopolitical issues – the Ukraine sage as we will briefly touch below goes …”ahead”…
  • We will wait and see the energy game and how same and the climate, coupled with geopolitics affect the wet trades… and conversely the wet indices.

BDI  up to 30th May 2014For those objecting our views, oh well; the figures prove our successful prognosis, nothing else!  Once again we can entertain live anybody, anytime together with their advisors, analysts, as it’s a pity the banks to loose so much, so many billions… And the funds might follow suit if they don’t listen. Be careful!

Petro Poroshenko’s phrase after his election in Ukraine, quote: “Without Russia it would be much less effective or almost impossible to speak about the security in the whole region”, is a guide of the extent of the situation. All in all a very delicate situation promising excitement in Ukraine and the wider periphery, so be careful in your short and long term contracting. He won the elections, now he must win the real and a long lasting peace otherwise people in the region will face the inevitable…

In Europe elections proved a disappointment – too many euroscepticism!!! Farage in the UK knows the trick! Every country’s result should be analysed carefully and by its own merits. We will stand with the dangerous and interesting Greek  and French results and we will keep a close eye on what is yet to come…..

The Far East is in turmoil and the South China Sea events, politics and conflict will keep us very busy!

Posidonia 2014 get together events have started with receptions proving the way the market and its stakeholders are interwoven. The Allied Shipbroking Inc’s, reception at Akrotiri was beyond comparison for any so far event in the shipbroking field.  The opening Press Conference yesterday at the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club off Mikrolimano in Piraeus was more than a success; brief and to the point: Greece  welcomes the world of international shipping for its unique event: Posidonia 2014!

As we speak we are trying to obtain the results for the 7th Posidonia race at Faliron Bay earlier on today.

 You can also listen to the video herebelow, log on and …enjoy; have a nice weekend and for all the international visitors: Welcome to Greece, enjoy Posidonia, enjoy this great week at the Athens Metropolitan Exhibition Centre, network at the receptions and parties, enjoy your stay and come again to see the great strides Greece’s Maritime Tourism has gone to, to offer you the best! Xenios Zeus and Posidon are here for you!

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