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LATAM Airlines refuses to settle worker disputes in Peru and Argentina…

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The ITF HQ's in London

The ITF HQ’s in London

LATAM Airlines Refuses to Settle Worker Disputes in Peru and Argentina Despite Negotiating in Brazil

Warnings of Flight Cancellations and Delays Continue into World Cup

LATAM Airlines refuses to discuss the injustices workers in Argentina and Peru are facing, despite negotiating with workers in Brazil today.

  • Without an agreement in Argentina, Peru and Brazil, strikes, work actions and mobilizations will continue throughout Latin America during the times when World Cup air traffic is at its highest point.
  • LAN Peru has become a strategic hub for LATAM airlines, with an increased number of national and international flights.  With the new hangar in Lima, LAN Peru has been converted into a maintenance center for the region.  Argentina is one of the major hubs for flights into Brazil.

Until the company resolves its problems in Peru and Argentina, Latin American aviation workers will continue to keep passengers informed about LAN and TAM Airline delays and cancellations at airports in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Paraguay and using social media.

LAN Peru workers are paid have of what workers in the rest of the company are paid for doing the same work and have been 10 years without a salary increase.   The Argentinean flight attendants have been years without a collective work agreement because the company has been attempting to support a “yellow” union, a union that was created by the company itself in order to avoid the necessary legal agreement with the flight attendants.

Passengers and players have the right to know that their flights may be delayed due to the inability of the company to provide a stable working environment.

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