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Shipping Markets diving further to the “unknown” – do you know?

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

This twenty-third overview of the shipping markets and world events affecting positively or negatively our trade by John Faraclas from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk in London on  Friday 20th June 2014, continues to bring things to the fore!  Overall, things are worse than last week! 

Our warning for the market conditions remains unchanged; its even strengthened now! Yet this is the best market, a buyer’s market to contract new,  super eco and versatile tonnage; particularly on the dry sector and then on the  chemicals!

Now then, the BDI closed up two points since yesterday at  904 which is two points down since last week’s 906; mind me it even went further down on the 17th of June at 858 points creating shivering reactions…

We have stressed the fact that the BDI index struggled to maintain the 1, 000 point mark, now it seems it will struggle to maintain the 900 point mark and this prediction too comes, until now, verbatim correct! This is an overall 1, 323 points below December 2013’s closing of 2, 227 points, a 59.4 percent down.

  • The BCI,  closed up 31 points at 1, 950, up 220 points since last week’s closing at 1, 730, and again, this is the volatility which will affect the market as one category doesn’t constitute a plus change… a plus / positive market. Caution!
  • The BPI was down another 13 points to 461 points which is 121 points down since last week’s 582 points. Red alert here for all, and there is more to come… The barrier far below the 1, 000 point mark, nearly 60 centum below…
  • The BSI down also another 4 points to 704, which is 44 points since last week’s closing at 748 points. Another category far below the 1, 000 point-mark…
  • The BHSI at 441 points, down one since yesterday and down 18 since last week’s 459 points. Here too we are far below the 1, 000 point-mark!
  • The wets produced a bit of a surprise with the BDTI closing above the 700 points mark at 712, which is  77 points up since last week’s 635 points; some rich peakings…? The BCTI though was down two points to 511,  which is 15 points down since last week’s 526!

Despite this market Peter Pappas creates a giant group; how will he cope with unexpected uncertainties though? Or his projected risk assessment tell him otherwise? It remains to be seen!

Will Diana Shipping Inc., make the big move as the market expects?

  • Politics now with Ukraine still in a mess; there is more to come. Simply wait and see!
  • Iraq: total …”recall”, another mess this time from ISIS (?) how come they surfaced …now… Big trouble for President Obama but worse for the entire periphery. Will his military advisers do the trick or the situ will produce an 8 on the Richter scale…mess…?
  • Venezuela failed once again to comply with global rules with respect its finances; no co-operation whatsoever. On caution… Argentina also is defaulting further… Greece suffers too and it remains to be seen the real outcome there…
  • The election / appointment of the new President of the European Commission could humiliate a few in Europe with strange side effects; watch it!

China is upset with P3, very wrongfully in my humble view…

A great event and prospects at City Hall in the City of London with the launhcing of the Global Public Investor 2014 by OMFIF, the first comprehensive assessment of different categories of internationally-active public funds in a single listing!

The world Cup in Brazil produced the expected surprises with England out and let’s see some more exceptional games what further surprises they produce. With Greece down to ten men in its class with Japan, and still hoping to qualify, the bookies might have some handsome capital gains for those well placed…

For the above and other events, you can also listen live  the video herebelow; have a nice weekend and Summer Solstice tomorrow.

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