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The need for citadels escalates as the armed guard controversy continues

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MAS installation

MAS installation

With the latest security alert from BIMCO effectively rendering the use of armed guards commercially placed on merchant vessels illegal in Nigeria, the need for citadels onboard vessels has never been greater.

Marine Armor System are specialists in vessel protection systems including citadels, bunkers and safe rooms which protect against pirate attacks, armed robbery, terrorism and acts of sabotage.  Based on ballistic blinds, and protecting crew with a bullet proof barrier, the system is automatically activated, taking 1 man just 10 seconds to protect the whole vessel, at the press of a button.

Edurne del Río of Marine Amour System says “The pirate attack in Nigeria last month which resulted in crew being taken hostage and cargo stolen highlights that piracy is still a very grave threat, particularly in this part of the world where armed guards aren’t a viable option. MAS requires no involvement from crew and is ninety times faster than traditional means.  The use of citadels is something all vessels need to consider to protect their crew, and to act as a passive solution against the ongoing issue of piracy.”

As opposed to traditional means like steel plates or ballistic removable panels, MAS is an automatic system that will deploy in just a few seconds, providing a very efficient ballistic barrier that is suitable to block all possible access to the living quarters as well as for the creation of a citadel for crew.

MAS will be exhibiting at SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, which takes place in Hamburg 9-12th September. Visit MAS on stand 223 in Hall B8 to find out more about its products and services or alternatively visit http://www.marinearmorsystem.com or on twitter @MarineArmorS.

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