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Globecomm Maritime supports rower Victor Mooney’s toughest transatlantic test

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COMMS 15072014Communications specialist keeps campaigner in touch with supporters during third attempt to complete epic single-handed journey.

Hauppauge, NY. 15 July 2014. Globecomm Maritime, a leading provider of maritime communications solutions has kept Victor Mooney connected during his attempt to row single-handed across the Atlantic.

Mooney left Maspolamas, Gran Canaria, on February 19 in a specially-built 24-foot oceangoing rowboat Spirit of Malabo and arrived on the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin on June 28. Spirit of Malabo was towed 20 miles into Saint-Martin by a local Search and Rescue vessel after which he was transported to hospital for evaluation. When fully recovered, he will complete his 3, 000-mile journey with another row of 1, 800-plus miles back to New York.

The crossing was made in honour of his brother who died of AIDS in 1983 and to encourage others to undertake voluntary testing for the HIV virus. Mooney lost over 80 pounds while crossing the Atlantic and also survived a shark attack that damaged his boat but allowed him to continue.

During the voyage he kept in touch with friends, family and supporters making voice calls and sending emails using an Iridium Sailor SC4000 and se@COMM software. Globecomm Maritime also provided an Inmarsat IsatPhone to use in case of emergencies.

“I’m very proud to have completed the first leg of the journey and I’m grateful to Globecomm for enabling me to update my supporters and team on a daily basis. There were times in the Atlantic when I felt very alone but Globecomm’s support meant I knew I could always reach out – and be reached.”

This voyage is Mooney’s third attempt to row across the Atlantic single-handed. He first attempted the crossing in 2006 and his previous attempt in 2011 ended when his rowing boat sprang a leak shortly after he put to sea. He escaped in a life raft then spent two weeks drifting 250 miles on the open ocean.

Malcolm McMaster, President of Globecomm Maritime said:

“Victor’s dedication to his cause and his single-mindedness in achieving his goal are attributes we deeply admire and we congratulate him on completing the first leg of his journey. Keeping people in touch in remote locations is central to the Globecomm mission and I’m pleased that we could support Victor in the same way that we support thousands of seafarers day in, day out, all around the world.”

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Globecomm is a leading global communications provider serving government and commercial markets in over 80 countries. Globecomm employs engineering expertise in consulting services, system design and integration, maritime and mobile communications, media services, and mission critical networks, to provide its customers the optimal solution. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to-end, managed service communications solutions worldwide. Based in Hauppauge, New York, Globecomm also maintains offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. For more information, please visit www.globecomm.com

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