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COA August 2014 Newsletter

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COA Logo JPG (1)COA Members Newsletter: Issue 81, August 2014


  1. COA North America Meeting: Register now – just one month to go
  2. IT options to be discussed in San Francisco
  3. Flexitank round-table at COA North America Meeting
  4. Sponsorship Opportunities at Intermodal Europe 2014
  5. Banner and Website Advertising Opportunities
  6. 15th COA Members Meeting, Rotterdam (10 November)
  7. COA Flexitank Meeting (Hamburg): Presentations now on the website
  8. Waterborne Paint Regulations in China: Latest developments
  9. 40ft High Cubes “set to Dominate the Container Equipment Market”
  10. 16th COA Members Meeting, Shanghai + Intermodal Asia 2015
  11. COA Members: Update your membership details on the COA website
  12. New Members

1.    COA North America Meeting: Register now – just one month to go!

With just one month to go before the COA’s North American Meeting, companies planning to participate should register as soon as possible. The Meeting, which will take place at Le Meridien Hotel, San Francisco, on Thursday, September 25th, 2014, will provide an opportunity for current and prospective COA Members to discuss a wide range of COA activities, including:

  • Future trends and developments in the container shipping industry
  • Environmental Issues – including the impact of storm-water run-off on the industry
  • Container Coatings: latest developments/regulations in China
  • CINS – the Cargo Incident Notification System
  • Flexitanks: launch and promotion of PAS 1008
  • IT options for the container industry

There will also be a session during which Members can review the Association’s current activities and consider future plans for the COA. The meeting will conclude with a networking Cocktail Reception for all participants.

Online Registration
Registration is now open. To register for the Meeting, please click HERE

Meeting Venue: Le Meridien Hotel – Special Room Rates for Delegates
The venue for the Meeting is Le Meriden Hotel (www.lemeridiensf.com)
As this is a busy time of the year in San Francisco, we recommend that you reserve your room as soon as possible. To book a room, click HERE

2.    IT options to be discussed in San Francisco

The COA has been conducting a survey of industry practices and concerns related to the use of Information Technology in the container industry. The survey has been distributed to targeted IT professionals and senior managers in all areas of the industry (shipping lines, leasing companies, depots, survey companies and IT service providers). The COA’s goal is to determine what kinds of issues the industry feels need attention and improvement (for example: Business processes and practices that rely on information technology; Specific technologies such EDI, mobile apps, XML and digital imaging; Standards.

One of the Sessions in the San Francisco meeting will focus on this particular topic, with the results of the Survey being presented and an opportunity for participants to discuss and agree the work that could be undertaken by the COA.

3.    Flexitank Round-Table to be organised at North America Meeting

Companies involved in the Flexitank business, or are interested in a better understanding of the work that the COA has been involved in to develop a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) to improve flexitank quality and safety, can participate in a Flexitank Round-Table that is being organised as a break-out session within the San Francisco Meeting. Further information from secretary@containerownersassocation.org

4.    15th COA Members Meeting: Rotterdam,  10 November 2014 – Registration and Hotel Information…Coming Soon!

Arrangements are now being finalised for the 15th COA General Meeting, taking place at the Hilton Hotel, Rotterdam, on Monday 10 November (the day before the Intermodal Europe 2014 Exhibition).

Conference Sessions will commence at 09:30, with registration and coffee from 08:45. The Conference will be an opportunity to discuss a wide range of COA activities, with special focus on Container Flooring and Paints, Depot Issues, Reefer Containers. There will be a chance for Members to review current progress and discuss future plans for the Association. The meeting will conclude with a networking Cocktail Reception for all participants.

Further information – including Conference Registration and Hotel Booking Information details – will be announced later this week.

5.    COA Pavilion at Intermodal Europe 2014: Limited Number of Sponsorship Packages still available

Intermodal Europe 2014 will take place from Tuesday 11 to Thursday 13 November 2014 in Rotterdam (please go to www.intermodal-events.com). As at previous Intermodal Europe exhibitions, the COA will be organising a Container Pavilion.

There are now just a limited number of Container Pavilion Sponsorship opportunities still available for COA Members. Sponsors can benefit from a number of promotional opportunities before the event, and during it.  In addition, Sponsors can make use of meeting-rooms for private discussions with customers and business contacts.

For further information, or to make a booking, contact: kate@containerownersassociation.org

6.    Banner Advertising Opportunities on COA Website and Newsletters

Members of the COA now have the opportunity to promote their company’s products and services via the COA. Banner advertisements (with weblinks) are available on the COA website and in the COA monthly Newsletter.

For further information and details of the banner advertising packages, please email kate@containerownersassociation.org

7.    10th COA Flexitank Meeting: presentations available to download

Presentations of the recent COA Flexitank Meeting in Hamburg are now on the COA website. Key industry developments, including the launch of PAS 1008 and the possible development of an international specification for flexitank operations, were discussed at the Meeting in Hamburg on 1 July 2014. In addition, there were presentations on latest innovations in flexitank film technology.

To download the presentations, please go to: www.containerownersassociation.org

8.    Waterborne Coatings: Policy Progress in China

The Waterborne Coatings Platform (WBCP) has informed the COA of some policy progress from the Chinese government and some regional areas:

a.  “Technical Requirement for environmental labelling products, Water based coatings”  HJ 2537-2014

This document was published by the Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) of China on 31 March 2014, and became effective on 1 July 2014.

The “Requirement” sets the limit of harmful substances for water based coatings, including decorative and industrial coatings, container coatings, road marking coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, auto coatings, etc.

The VOC requirements for container coatings and other industrial coatings are as below:

The Requirement document is in Chinese. For a copy, please contact: Cathine Guo at the WBCP (Cathline.Guo@dsm.com)

b.  VOC emission charge policy

As announced by Mr. Pei Xiaofei, Director of the Standard Division of MEP, at the COA General Meeting in Shanghai in March 2014, the central government has been preparing a VOC emission charge policy. Beijing City, Shenzhen City and Jiangsu Province are also working on this VOC emission charge policy.

The completion time schedule as below:

  • Central Government: draft has been submitted, will issue and put into effect in 2015
  • Shenzhen: July 2014
  • Beijing: end of 2014
  • Jiangsu province: end of 2015

9.    40ft High Cubes “set to dominate the container equipment market”

High cube 40ft containers are continue to represent an increased part of the container market, catching up with “traditional” 40ft equipment. By the end of 2013, hi-cube 40fts represented just short of 50% of the maritime container fleet, according to Drewry’s recently published 2014 Container Census report. The overall fleet of maritime 40ft high cube containers grew by over 7% in 2013, a much faster pace than the global container fleet whose growth was limited to just 4.3%.

“Gains made in the maritime standard fleet came wholly at the expense of standard 40ft equipment, whose count continued to decline, although the 20ft share held stable at about a third, ” says Drewry. “These long-term changes in the fleet composition are predicted to continue through 2014-17.”

Growth in the overall container equipment fleet was slower in 2013 than in 2012, when it grew at a fast 5.3%, but in line with the 5-year average of 4%. Prior to 2009 annualised fleet growth had been double this figure, indicating the impact of weaker trade growth and liner efficiency gains on overall equipment demand.

“Drewry is forecasting that the global box fleet will grow by around 5% a year through 2014-17, with growth in the leased fleet set to continue to outpace that of the owned fleet, ” adds the Report. “Leasing firms remain better placed to invest in box equipment than shipping lines, many of which are still short of capital and so continue to be reliant on rental support.”

Global box production is not expected to increase much over the short term, following a decade in which the underlying rate of annual production has changed little at around three million TEU a year.

10.   COA Members: Update your membership details on the COA website

A list of all COA members appears on the COA website, including company information, logo and contact details.

Members can update these details – simply log in to the website using your normal login and password information and follow the instructions.

11.   16th COA Members Meeting and Intermodal Asia 2015, Shanghai

Initial planning is now taking place for the 16th COA Members Meeting and the Intermodal Asia 2015 Exhibition, taking place in March 2015. For those planning their schedules for the 1st quarter of 2015, the dates are as follows:

  • 16th COA Members Meeting: Monday 23 March
  • COA Container Pavilion at Intermodal Asia 2014: 24-26 March 2015

12.   New Members

The COA is pleased to welcome the following new Members into the Association:

For further information on any of the items in this Newsletter, please email the COA Secretariat on:secretary@containerownersassociation.org


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