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New Licence Agreement signed at SMM

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Chinese QMD added to two-stroke family

On Tuesday September 9, 2014 at Hamburg’s SMM Marine trade fair, MAN Diesel & Turbo signed a new license agreement with QMD, a member of the CSIC Group together with Dalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd. and Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. In the process, QMD became MAN Diesel & Turbo’s 12th Chinese licensee. QMD (Qingdao Haixi Marine Diesel Co., Ltd) can boast of a modern facility dedicated to the production of large, two-stroke engines in NE China.

Klaus Engberg, Senior Vice President and Head of MAN Diesel & Turbo two Stroke Licensing said: “We have, today, signed an agreement that increases our presence in the northerly part of China, such that we now have a greater geographical reach in this important market and are better able to reach customers in this part of China.”

“For over 30 years, we have had a successful license agreement with CSIC,
which QMD belongs to, and we look forward to an equally fruitful cooperation
with our new licensee, ” Engberg added.

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