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2014-09-09 12_10_22-Windows Media Player09 December 2014 – Could present-day technology improve the cost and effectiveness of shortsea shipping while enhancing safety and environmental performance? Yes, it could! Taking current technology to the extreme, DNV GL has developed a revolutionary concept for an unmanned, zero-emission short-sea vessel.

The EU’s road network suffers from chronic congestion.Yet, road usage for cargo transport is steadily increasing, leading to heavier road wear, more accidents and higher emissions. The population growth in urban areas expected over the next decades will without doubt compound the problem, causing the demand for transport to exceed the capacity oftoday’s roads.

To alleviate these issues, governments all over the EU are trying to move some of the freight volume from the road to waterways and railways. In the shortsea shipping segment however, profit margins are small due to high energy and operating costs as wellas high taxes.

These circumstances prompted DNV GL Strategic R&I to design a new ship concept specifically for short-sea shipping with the objective of encouraginga modal shift from road to sea. By taking the designand applied technologies to the extreme, the DNV GL engineers want to launch a new discussion within the community while upholding DNV GL’s maxim ofa safe and sustainable future for shipping.The innovative ship concept “ReVolt– the unmanned, zero-emission, short-sea ship of the future” is the result of a multi-disciplinary, teambased  development project at DNV GL based on anassessment of current requirements along Europeanshort-sea routes. Nevertheless the concept could beimplemented in other coastal regions around theglobe.

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