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Don’t scrap diesels, Boris told. Just encourage drivers to switch to emulsified fuel

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  • Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson

    Emulsions can significantly cut pollution

  • Put money into rigorous testing programme
  • Call to switch to emulsified fuel comes after successful public demonstration on route master bus  

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson should back fuel emulsions if he wants to cut pollution in the capital, says UK company.

The company, SulNOx Fuel Fusions,  claims that by mixing diesel and water into a static emulsion it can cut nitrogen oxide emissions and significantly reduce particulate matter (PM) by improving atomisation of the fuel and improving the combustion process in car engines.

The plea to Mr Johnson follows the Mayor’s appearance in front of Parliament’s Environment and Audit Committee.

The Mayor presented new research commissioned by City Hall to the MPs,  which ranked London 15th out of 36 cities for clean air.

Mr Johnson told the committee that the Government should encourage drivers of the most polluting diesel vehicles to switch to cleaner alternatives, which would assist the capital in meeting its European clean air targets.

But Stephen Bamford, a director of SulNOx, said that scrapping diesel engines would be unnecessary if drivers switched to emulsified fuel.

“By breaking down the fuel particles with the addition of water we increase their surface area. This helps the fuel to burn more completely and efficiently. More efficient burning means less pollution and a reduction of the formation of nitrogen oxide, PM and other greenhouse gases.”

The company says that the benefits of adding water to diesel fuel has been known about since the early 1900s, but until now no one had managed to overcome the problem of “stratification”.

“Solving stratification, where the water and fuel separate into their component parts, has baffled scientists for decades until now. Thanks to the application of nanotechnology and the addition of our revolutionary emulsifying agent,  we have overcome this problem”,  Mr Bamford continued.

The company also highlights its first public test held last week in front of the London Mayors’ Association, including 10 current London Mayors and 53 former London Mayors. Using an unmodified 1959 Route Master bus,  they cut PM by a staggering 91 per cent and cut NOx by nearly 60 per cent.

To validate these results the company has commissioned Ricardo, the global engineering, environmental and strategic consultancy,  and is in talks with Cambridge University,  to carry out an extensive testing programme into the new range of fuel emulsions and their potential benefits.

Mr Bamford concluded: “The Mayor is right to highlight the massive problems facing the Capital and indeed the rest of the country. How do we cut pollution without resorting to incentives from the Government or punitive tax measures, while still remaining competitive?

“At SulNOx we think we have found the answer, by perfecting an old solution with the application of modernscience. By altering the size of the particles being burnt at a nano-level we can significantly improve the burning process, reducing emissions and without any costly modifications.

“We would urge the Mayor to explore the benefits of fuel emulsions, before putting further pressure on the Government to scrap diesel cars, which is expensive and quite possibly completely unnecessary.”


SulNOx Fuel Fusions PLC produces and supplies the world’s leading fuel emulsion. SulNOxEco Fuel is the cheapest, safest and highest quality fuel emulsion on the market, with the potential to significantly reduce many of the negative environmental impacts of burning hydrocarbons.

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