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English is a Hellenic Dialect

by admin

P1350386English is a Hellenic Dialect; John Faraclas writes:

Time and again I have stressed the powerful issue and importance in dominating the world of the Hellenic (Greek) Language, at least over ten millennia, and how same is the real mother language of many nations, including of course the English…

One of the latest books, a super study / analysis come to my attention …err was given as a gift for my birthday this summer, the second edition of the book “ English is a Hellenic Dialect by Academic Stavros Theofanides, one of Greece’s more than well-known University Professors.

As you see, we include both covers, as the…flip side…err back-cover pays dividends. In the 130 or so pages, Professor Theofanides, whom I know over the last 15 years, offers the solution / reply why “It is all Greek to you”! The Greeks have a word for it (English saying).

Particularly for all English speakers the message is simple: Now you know which Greek dialect you speak.

Unique eh!

Unique eh!

Many Congratulations to Prof. Theofanides for being one of the pioneers on this linguist issue and we hope this book will completely change your life and perception for the Greeks and its language; your dialect!

Amongst other things/words in this masterpiece you will read/study in this book’s seven chapters, four appendices and its special index, the business and the nautical terms origin will come as a surprise to all. A book for everybody, for all professions, to all intents and purposes!

The book is one of the thousand EPTALOFOS’ publications; enjoy and let us have your comments.

P.S: Did I hear you say “Hello”? Did you ever  ever imagine that this comes form the Homeric “ούλε” = χίρε, υγίαινε!… Now you know…

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Vlachoutsikou Christina August 28, 2016 - 3:42 PM

I would like a copy of English is a Greek Dialect’ written in English, which bookshop in Athens stocks this book?

george February 18, 2020 - 7:35 AM

there is no translation in english .. but soon translator electronic pens will emerge in the market . it is good to have .. Greek language the ultimate knowledge of what words really mean . example the word planet comes from the greek word planate (πλανἀται)the sound we use to pronounce the word elephant. (αι = makes the sound “e”) and it means wondering around and not just a sphere. thank you.


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