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Top jobs, buying ships, and the value of internships

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October 2014
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Welcome to October! We’re not sure if you feel the same way, but here at Spinnaker we certainly feel as though this year is flying by. This month we take a look at the process of S&P or ‘how to buy a ship’, along with tips on encouraging your team as a manager.

We also lift the lid on shore-based shipping job distribution in the USA – between the North East (New York/ New Jersey/ Connecticut) and, say, Texas. This is a big area for Spinnaker – we’ve always made successful placements in the USA, but in the past twelve months we’ve had dedicated consultants working for this particular geographical area. Check outshippingjobs.com/northamerica for our latest vacancies.

Finally, we look at internships in our ‘Generation I’ blog. We ask the question: are internships the new degree? What do you think? Let us know by tweeting@spinnakerglobal

Hot jobs

Here is a selection of our top shore-based shipping vacancies for October….

Decoupling from coal?

This week BHP Billiton and Mitsubishi announced they are to slash 700 jobs at their coal mining…

How to buy a ship

Basil Karatzas is the founder and CEO of Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co – a shipping finance advisory…

Tides rise on sea-based markets

Market analysts Poten & Partners give insight into the tanking market and the stigma of uncertainty…

Shipping raises over Ł100, 000 in one day for OSCAR

Shipping raised Ł113, 000 towards pioneering research work in a Dragon Boat Race that united the industry…

Generation I

In 1970 one in ten of us had a degree. Now the figure is closer to one in four. Believe it or not, even some…

Shipping job distribution in the US

We’ve always seen the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, which we’ll call the North East, as a commercial shipping hub…

People play differently when they are keeping score

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4dx) is an interesting read about how to encourage…

Latest vacancies

Offshore Construction Engineer, Middle East, Middle East (HQ00008318)

Offshore Construction Manager, Middle East, Middle East (HQ00008317)

Marine Superintendent, Florida, North America (HQ00008316)

HR Administration Assistant, Europe (HQ00008315)

Purchaser, Netherlands, Europe (HQ00008314)

Crew Coordinator, Netherlands, Europe (HQ00008313)

Purchasing Manager – South of England, Europe (HQ00008312)

Dry Cargo Brokers, European Locations, Europe (HQ00008311)

Chartering Assistant, South East England, Europe (HQ00008310)

Junior Technical Superintendent, Europe (HQ00008309)

Procurement Officer, Europe (HQ00008308)

Technical Purchaser/Experienced superintendent, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific (HQ00008307)

Post-fixture Operator, London, Europe (HQ00008306)

Dry Cargo Operations Manager – North East USA, North America (HQ00008305)

COO Offshore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008304)

Senior Project Engineer – South of England, Europe (HQ00008301)

Project Safety Engineer – South of England, Europe (HQ00008300)

Technical Director, North America (HQ00008299)

Senior Engineer Surveyor, North America (HQ00008297)

Senior Accountant, Asia Pacific (HQ00008295)

Tanker Operator- Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008294)

Quality Control Team Member, Switzerland, Europe (HQ00008293)

Traffic Team Member, Switzerland, Europe (HQ00008292)

Alminium Traffic Team Member, Switzerland, Europe (HQ00008291)

Dry Operator, Europe (HQ00008287)

Marine Operations Manager – London, Europe (HQ00008286)

Dry Cargo Charterer – North East USA, North America (HQ00008285)

Electrical Inspector, Asia Pacific (HQ00008284)

Energy Performance Officer, Middle East, Middle East (HQ00008283)

Panamax Broker, London, Europe (HQ00008282)

Senior Claims Executive, Copenhagen, Europe (HQ00008281)

SHEQ Manager, Middle East, Middle East (HQ00008280)

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