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Captain Orlando Allard

Captain Orlando Allard

A hundred years of shipping tradition in Panama will offer hundreds of opportunities for the visitors and delegates to the Panama Maritime conference and exhibition, next April 2015.

During the Panama Canal Centennial celebrations, it was announced that the 2015 Panama Maritime Conference & Exhibition will be held from 12 to 15 April in Panama City. A conference that, after more than two decades, has become the centre stage for maritime, port and logistics information in the region and a must for everyone in our industry.

The Maritime Authority of Panama and the Panama Canal Authority, major co-organisers of the Conference, pledged their full cooperation to ensure the success of this unique gathering in The Americas. The occasion also offers the possibility to explore new businesses opportunities in Panama and the region.

The major providers of the region´s maritime services and products and the most important ports and shipping lines, in additions to sponsoring the Conference, will be there explaining how to add value to the Canal route, once the expanded Canal is finished. Additionally –and for the first time, the issues of ship and cargo insurance will be introduced, as well as the subject of maritime mortgages and local bank participation in the shipping business.

Captain Orlando Allard, the Conference Chairman, a Director  of the Panama Maritime Chamber, with an extensive and impressive background in maritime, port and maritime affairs, particularly in maritime training, and Panama Canal operations, where he was a Senior Canal pilot. He also has been the Panamanian Ambassador to the IMO in London. Captain Allard is a well-known and admired figure in the international shipping circles.

The main theme of the April 2015 conference is “Panama: Changing Global Trade Dynamics -Leading Supply Chain Logistics in the Region.” The biennial Conference has been held for the last 24 years. The programme will include presentations by the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Panama Maritime XII World Conference & Exhibition will be held from 12 to 15 April 2015.

The Conference Programme is packed with presentations on all-important issues impacting shipping, focusing  on new regulations to ensure energy efficiency on ships; Ballast Water; the Canal Expansion Programme and the Panama Maritime Authority`s five year strategy to keep the Registry ahead of all others.

As in previous Conferences, the IMO Secretary General will open the event and present the Organizations major agenda issues.

An innovation for the 2015 event is that the Conference programme will be enhanced by the recommendations of a very special group of industry´s “movers & shakers” –a Board of Advisors formed by a select group of individuals who, from their respective fields have a great deal of impact on how our industry shapes its own future.

The Board of Advisors is formed by William O´Neil, Secretary General Emeritus of IMO; Jorge Quijano, Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority; Peter Hinchcliffe, Secretary General of ICS, Philippe Embiricos, former President of BIMCO and Member of the Panama Canal Advisory Board; Irene Rosberg, Director of the Master´s Degree Programme of the Copenhaguen Business School; Carlos Urriola, Vicepresident of Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama; Julio De La Lastra the CEO of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) Panama –and last but not least, Engineer Alberto Alemán Zubieta, Former Administrator of the Panama Canal.

Other players in the maritime industry will talk about relevant issues, such as the Canal´s future businesses; the “all water” service –a comparison between the Panama Canal and Suez routes; benefits of Canal expansion for “retailers” and competitiveness of the Panamanian Ship Registry, considering major reform proposals presented by the maritime law association.

The impact of the expanded Canal on the socio-economic development of Central America and the Caribbean Region will also be discussed. Of course the issue of bunkering services in Panama will also be discussed by representatives of the leading companies engaged in business in Panama and in the region.

Foreign investment in the context of economic incentives that Panama offers will be discussed, just as marine ancillary services permit and concession models used in Panama and other countries in the region.

Technical topics of great relevance to the industry will also be discussed, including implementation of the Ballast Water Convention and the FAL 65 Convention, as well as new measures to ensure energy efficiency in the port and shipping industry.

During the press conference, Captain Allard   announced that the exhibition accompanying the conference will attract participation of at least 110 companies that will promote their services and products, as well as providing excellent opportunities for “networking” and business representation in Panama and in the region. The conference also includes technical tours to ports in the Pacific and Atlantic terminals, the Canal expansion project, the Colon Free Zone and the Panama Pacific Economic Area in Howard.

Note: The Panama Maritime Conference XII will be held in Panama City, Panama from 12-15 April 2015. The event  is organised by The Maritime Chamber of Panama and APADEMAR (the Panamanian Association of Maritime lawyers). To date some of the sponsors are Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Mercansa, Mascomar Corporation, MOL, MEC Shipyards, AquaMercantile Insurance Brokers, Las Minas Pilots S.A., Panama Pilots Services.

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