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Susannah and Victoria Nathanson variety art!

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The seawise...art depicted with the Cornish Bream and other watery paintings!

The seawise…art depicted with the Cornish Bream and other watery paintings!

As you all know by now, Arts and particularly Paintings is one of the most important issues in our site, given the thousands of paintings the shipping industry needs, especially for the Cruise industry. Just imagine what it entails to commission 1, 000 (yes you read correct: one thousand) painting for 1, 000 cabins on a cruise ship!!

We have devoted over 250 articles and we emphasize those written by our specialist James Brewer on exhibitions et al; on all form of art!

Our last encounter was the private viewing of the new works by Susannah and Victoria Nathanson under the Open Studios 2014 on Friday the 3rd of October, kindly organised by Philip Wake and his wife at 22 Lytton Grove.  Philip Wake, the CEO of The Nautical Institute (hence the link) is re-known for his love affair with everything that has to do with the world of arts, be it paintings, music, and many times before over the last ten years we have attended private views there.

Mrs. Wake's specialities!

Mrs. Wake’s specialities!

This was part of the Putney artists open house, a …section of Wandsworth Artists’ open House (www.wandsworthart.com)

A full house with many interesting paintings covering a range of themes including local landscapes, river scenes, portraits and still life. Mother  and daughter demonstrated their inner selves depicted in excellent pieces of art! As always the Wake’s house brings up surprises, particularly friend from the past; world re-known artist Carolinda Tolstoy was there, financier and classics lover Angus I. Mine with his other half where there, and many others!

Victoria Nathanson (seated) talking to a viewer

Victoria Nathanson (seated) talking to a viewer

Over 100 guests honours the event; An excellent buffet with home made cooking by Mrs. Wake (as always), excellent wines, and super discussions, and live piano music by Pavlef. We hope Victoria gets well soon following her accident!

Interested viewers can log on  www.susannahnathanson.co.uk  and www.victorianathanson.co.uk  or email info@susannahnathanson.co.uk

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