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WISTA – UK’s “Came by Ship” writing competition starts to take off!

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WISTA-UK 40th anniversaryEntries from UK schools and youth groups have already started to arrive for WISTA – UK’s maritime educational awareness competition – “CAME BY SHIP”.

WISTA – UK, in conjunction with Seavision and Jeanius Consulting, and supported by the UK Chamber of Shipping, is running the “Came by Ship” writing competition as part of WISTA’s 40th anniversary celebrations. The “Came by Ship” overall campaign was launched to promote the importance of shipping; with over 90% of the goods and fuel we consume and export in the UK travelling by ship.

Now the schools are all back after the summer break, the writing competition is being encouraged as part of the Autumn curriculum and has been promoted by Seavision via the official schools educational network as well as via LinkedIn educational and youth groups and on the @CamebyShip Twitter.

The competition is open to all schools, cadets and youth groups. It has two categories – under 12s writing up to 250 words related to the shipping industry or the movement of goods by ship, and the 12-18 year old category up to 500 words. The deadline for entries is 20th December 2014 after which a winner will be selected from each category to receive a kindle, kindly donated by the UK Chamber of Shipping.

Lloyds List also actively supporting the competition, forming part of the judging panel and also publishing the winning articles.

Maria Dixon WISTA-UK President said “We are delighted to have started to receive entries and look forward to the competition being a great success raising awareness of shipping. WISTA-UK asks all people working in and with the industry to help promote this competition and also pass details directly to any schools or youth groups you may know.”

For further information on the Came by Ship campaign and competition please visit http://www.camebyship.com/index.php/competitions/essay-competition

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