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LIFE LINE Online – October 2014 – English

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Life on Line Oct 2014

IMRF Membership Special Edition


October 2014

Internationally we can achieve so much more with you!
Join us as a Member, Sponsor or Partner and support our work to improve the safety, security and well-being of those heading out onto the world’s waters.

Better Together   

What are the benefits of IMRF membership? Well, there are lots, but we can sum them up in the IMRF’s concept of an international SAR family, improving safety and emergency response on the world’s waters by working cooperatively.

The World Maritime Rescue Congress 2015 The IMRF’s Last Four Years – and the Next…
For 90 years the IMRF (formerly the International Lifeboat Federation) has provided events, meetings and forums that bring SAR organisations together … The IMRF works in four-year periods, basing our operations and projects on strategies agreed at Quadrennial General Meetings (QGM) of our member organisations.

The IMRF at the IMO

As the non-Governmental organisation in consultative status on search and rescue matters at the International Maritime Organization, the IMRF attends a number of IMO meetings each year, representing our members at the United Nations level.

Regional Websites Bringing Regional SAR Cooperation to Life Member Focus: ‘Search and Rescue 2.0’
The IMRF meets regularly with regional SAR groups working hard at developing cross-border relationships to improve maritime SAR response across the regions they are responsible for.

Traditionally any maritime search (with a view to achieve a rescue) has been largely dependent on human senses: the eye and the ear. In the dark, they might have been augmented by searchlights.

SAR Matters – The Struggle to Survive Vessel Triage Project
It is very easy for me to talk about small volunteer rescue institutions, as I am a member of one. After 3 years acting as a Trustee, I can see how difficult it is for the bigger organizations to understand and appreciate the hard life some of the smaller members have to endure.

‘Triage’ means the process of separating casualties in order of urgency.

The term is usually used in a medical context, especially in circumstances in which there are many people needing attention.

The International Maritime Rescue Federation is a registered company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdomand registered as a charity in England and Wales
Patron: Efthimios E. Mitropoulos KCMG, IMO Secretary-General Emeritus
Registered office: IMRF West Quay Road Poole BH15 1HZ United Kingdom
Company Registration Number: 4852596 Charity Registration Number: 1100883

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