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Nature campaign fronted by red squirrel called Bob gets 100, 000 votes for nature in just six weeks

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BOB RED SQUIRRELA red squirrel has taken Westminster by surprise today [Wednesday 15 October 2014], by handing more than 100, 000 votes for nature to the three main political parties.

Bob, a red squirrel who loves nuts and talking to his fans on Twitter and Facebook, publicly launched his campaign to get nature on politicians’ agendas ahead of the General Election just six weeks ago. The red squirrel has since been supported by more than 100, 000 people who have voted for nature via his website voteforbob.co.uk .

Today, Bob and his campaign team are meeting with MPs from the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and Labour to give a ‘status report’ of the campaign so far, handing over a book of images and messages from his army of supporters in what is being billed by political commentators as ‘Wild Westminster Wednesday’.

So far 40 MPs have publicly backed the campaign, but Bob has a long way to go until the General Election next year to sign up even more politicians to his cause.

Speaking from outside the Houses of Parliament, Bob said: “I’m just a humble red squirrel, but I’m here to represent all our native wildlife.

“I launched this campaign to show politicians how much we all care about nature, and I’ve been bowled over by the response. Our wildlife is in trouble – 60% of species in this country are in decline. Nature needs to be on the political agenda, and I believe politicians have the power to make a difference.”
Bob’s fans, affectionately known as the ‘Bob Squad’ have jumped on board his campaign, putting posters up around the country, taking tree-hugger selfies, sharing their creative campaign images and videos and spreading the word in their communities.

Bob has the support of wildlife groups like the RSPB, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation and the Mammal Society.

Social media around Vote For Bob has been abuzz, with people following Bob’s movements as he provides updates from his campaign trail. The red squirrel has also been Tweeted by celebrities, including Strictly Come Dancing and Deadly 60 star Steve Backshall, survival expert Ray Mears and the last two Great British Bake Off winners.

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