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Irene Notias of Prime Petroleum Services and Connect with Peter J. Pappas

Irene Notias of Prime Petroleum Services and Connect with Peter J. Pappas chairman at  P.J. Mechanical Corporation of NYC

Dear Viewers, dear supporters of Greece and its people. We are more than honoured to receive the following news from  our close friend, compatriot (Chiot) and supporter Irene K. Notias  from the great and successful  event in New York of THI, The Hellenic Initiative, together with great pictures and hope THIS initiative progresses further!

Dear Friend of THI,


Evangelos Pappas of RTsafe which is designed to optimise the safety and effectiveness of radiotherapy of cancer patients.

We would like to express a warm thanks to all who were able to attend THI’s Second Annual Banquet! The event was held on October 2, 2014 at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was truly a remarkable gathering of Greeks from all over the world. With your help, we were able to raise $2.293 million which will support our programs in Greece focused on Crisis Relief, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development!

That evening,  THI honored three extraordinary lifelong entrepreneurs and philanthropists: George D. Behrakis, Founder, The Behrakis Foundation; John Pappajohn, Founder, Pappajohn Capital resources; and Peter G. Peterson, founder and Chairman, Peter G. Peterson foundation. THI was equally honored to have THI Board Member Arianna Huffington serve as master of ceremonies and Kalomira sing the Greek and American national anthems.

At the event,  THI reaffirmed its commitment to the promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship in Greece with a $500, 000 donation from John Pappajohn and a $500, 000 match from THI. This money will be used to expand upon our current entrepreneurial programs and help Greek entrepreneurs develop business ideas into successful ventures.


John Pappajohn, Founder, Pappajohn Capital Resources with master of ceremonies Arianna Huffington

THI is committed to economic recovery and renewal in Greece. We are continuing our programs centered on crisis relief, but we are also looking to other ways to bolster confidence among Greek people, especially young Greeks. THI is supporting the ReGeneration program through the Global Shapers, which this year has created 55 paid internships in Greece. For information about all of our programs, and to see what THI has been up to since its beginning,  click here four our annual report.

We are proud to have your continued support for THI and our programs. We know that only united – oli mazi – can we truly make a difference in Greece. As THI Chairman Andrew Liveris said, “If there ever was a time for the Greek Diaspora to cross the borders, cross the nations, cross the city-states and join hands and come together, now is the time.” Take the journey with us and together, let us truly make a difference for Greece.

Oli Mazi – All Together,

Irene Notias with pop singer Kalomira

Irene Notias with pop singer Kalomira

The THI Team

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