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Chios Marine Club’s conference on Ballast Water Management Systems

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BALLAST WATER IMAGEChios Marine Club is organizing the “Ballast Water Management Systems” conference tomorrow Tuesday 21st of October 2014. The introduction of the International Ballast Water Management Convention in 2004 has brought about important developments towards the protection of the marine environment. As of today, the Convention has been ratified by 40 IMO member states which represent about 30 per cent of the world merchant shipping tonnage, whereas it will enter into force 12 months after ratification by those states that represent 35 per cent of the world tonnage.

Compliance with the Convention requires Ballast Water Management Systems to be used on board vessels and during the conference a selection of established market leaders will present their systems. Each one will have the opportunity to speak about the characteristics of its own treatment system for about 10 minutes and will have an additional 5 more minutes for a questions and answers session.

Chios Marine Club, always being very active in the hellenic maritime industry, is organizing this conference, aiming to bring together manufacturers and ship owners, technical managers, port captains and superintendents to promote the sharing of knowledge. The conference will commence at 18:00 and will end at 21:00 in Metropolitan Hotel (ex Chandris Hotel) http://www.chandris.gr/athens/ . Participation is free. For more information about the conference and the registration process please contact us via e-mail at: info@chiosmarineclub.gr or call at: + 44 30 210 4185788.

Viewers can log on here to vie the Conference programme: CONFERENCE PROGRAMME (2)

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