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Women maritime executives from four countries launch WISTA Nordic collaboration

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Irene Rosberg

Irene Rosberg

Executives from a key group of shipping nations – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – have launched a Nordic collaboration of the respective national associations of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA). 

The WISTA Nordic collaboration brings together female leaders from the four nations involved in the global maritime industry, including top professionals in ship owning and management, ship broking, port services, technical services, engineering, technological development, insurance, education,  training, journalism and public relations.

The four nations have a reputation for being in the forefront of expanding shipping’s global trading presence,  of innovation in ship type and design, of environmental care, and in structuring financial and other services.
WISTA has close to 2, 000 members worldwide in almost 40 national associations who meet annually in conference, and the WISTA Nordic venture will enable a more focused programme to be drawn up for a group of its important northern countries, while engaging with all parts of the shipping industry.

The collaboration will quickly get off the ground with a Leadership Forum in Oslo on 30 October 2014. (see link: www.deltager.no/WLF2014)

Leaders of WISTA associations in the four countries enthusiastically welcomed the initiative.



“In WISTA Norway, we believe in cooperation and knowledge sharing between our members across professions, ” said  Bjørg Ekornrud, president of WISTA Norway. “Women in the Nordic countries have so much in common, among other aspects gender equality and culture in the workplace. Establishing WISTA Nordic as an umbrella for the four WISTA associations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway opens the way for broader collaboration across country borders”, said Ms Ekornrud, who is corporate communications advisor at Höegh Autoliners AS.

In Copenhagen, Irene Rosberg, president of WISTA Denmark, said: “Raising the level of co-operation between our respective associations is a natural development, and the mutual benefits we foresee are considerable. The Nordic countries share a very strong maritime culture and ethical code. We believe WISTA Nordic will be able to take advantage of the maritime might of the region, and through our collaborative work bring value to our members.   

“I am really excited about this and am keen to offer an education focus for the WISTA Nordic activities, ” said Ms Rosberg, who is programme director for the Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics, at Copenhagen Business School.

Britta Stolt

Britta Stolt

“For WISTA Sweden, ” said Britta Stolt, president of that association, “it is important to have this collaboration, so that together we become a larger force, leading to more opportunities and to broadening horizons.  We need to network both as an employer and in business more widely, ” said Ms Stolt, who is senior vice-president and head of human resources at TransAtlantic AB. “We are competing for the same market but we shall strengthen cooperation on relevant issues.”

Maija Mattila, president of WISTA Finland, said that her association ”highly appreciates the Nordic WISTA collaboration. We believe that the collaboration will bring new opportunities to our members. The shipping market and culture in all Nordic countries has many similarities and therefore the collaboration will enable us to improve our professional skills, ” said Ms Mattila, who is a partner at Neptun Juridica Ltd.

Maija Mattila

Maija Mattila





WISTA Denmark’s Nordic coordinator is Helle Gleie, founding member of WISTA Denmark and a member of its current board. She is chief executive of Itolead Consulting Group.
Nordic coordinator for   WISTA Norway is Tone Kristiansen, managing director of Krogstads Shipping, and treasurer and board member of WISTA Norway.
WISTA Sweden´s Nordic coordinator is Anna Lundberg, freelance journalist, Word Stew Productions. She is board member, responsible for information and communication, of WISTA Sweden.
WISTA Finland’s representative for Nordic cooperation is Nora Gahmberg, partner at attorneys Hammarström Puhakka Partners. She is the WISTA Finland board member responsible for International affairs.

For more information about WISTA Nordic please contact Irene Rosberg, e-mail: ir.mba@cbs.dk.

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Naa Densua Aryeetey October 21, 2014 - 11:11 AM

This is a wonderful collaboration which should have come a long time ago. For some one like me who has visited, studied and lived in three of these four countries, I believe that it would be a successful venture as they have so many similarities and share a lot in common. I wish them all well and God’s blessings.




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