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New York and London: Perception and Reality

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View of New York

New York

New York Maritime Consortium Hosts New York and London Juxtaposition Finance, Legal/Litigation and Arbitration are Focus Areas

 October 21, 2014–  On November 13th the newly formed New York Maritime Consortium (a coalition of leaders from New York Maritime Inc. (NYMAR), the Society of Maritime Arbitrators (SMA), the Maritime Law Association (MLA) and the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (ASBA)) will host a first of its kind event  entitled: “New York and London: Perception and Reality”.  Key industry figures from the areas of finance, arbitration and law from both sides of the Atlantic have been invited to illustrate the strengths of each jurisdiction, and how the two relate to each other. Chief Judge Loretta Preska of the Southern District of New York Federal Court will moderate the event. The forum will be held from 2:30-6:00 at The Harvard Club (27 W. 44th St, New York)

On the finance side, Jeff Pribor of Jefferies will discuss the New York capital markets.  Keith Heard of Burke and Parsons will join Liz Burrell of Curtis Mallet in outlining New York legal practices, while Lindsay East of Reed Smith LLP and Haris Zografakis of Stephenson Harwood will address London’s structure and format.  Leading New York arbitrators Dave Martowski and Jack Warfield will be shining a spotlight on the benefits of New York arbitration while Michael Baker-Harber (former President of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association) and Aleka Sheppard (Chairman of the London Shipping Law Centre and an arbitrator) discuss the benefits of London. The afternoon program at The Harvard Club promises to be dynamic and illuminating and will be followed that evening by an SMA Tribute Dinner and Dance honoring “Lions of New York Maritime Arbitration, ” Jack Berg and Manfred Arnold, both of whom have served as past Presidents of The Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc. with decades of inimitable active arbitral practice experience.

London - The Baltic Exchange

London – The Baltic Exchange

“We anticipate a lively debate amongst worthy colleagues” stated NYMAR Chairman Clay Maitland.  “There is much to be gained by fully understanding each maritime center’s areas of expertise.”

“For many years, there have been myths and misperceptions surrounding the area of arbitration that have plagued arbitrators on both sides of the Atlantic, ” observed SMA President Jack Warfield.  “The afternoon discussion will give definitive answers to multiple questions posed to shipowners, charterers and brokers daily.”

A panel of industry users will be poised to both challenge and bolster assertions by the speakers.  Stolt-Nielson’s Dan Carr, Northville Industries’ Elizabeth McConaghy, Principal Maritime’s Mike Mitchell, Quincannon’s Soren Wolmar, and George Tsimis of The American Club will lead the charge as the forum strives to separate perception versus reality.

New York Maritime Consortium members include NYMAR, a member-based association of maritime companies in the greater metropolitan New York area whose goal is to promote the benefits of the region as a maritime business center in order to attract more businesses to share in the opportunities available in this robust commercial center (www.nymar.org.); the SMA, a professional non-profit organization that has achieved international recognition as a leading forum for the arbitration of maritime and commercial disputes with a mission to promulgate arbitration, mediation, and to establish commercially effective legal procedures for ADR and which trains and provides the maritime industry with experienced commercial professionals who resolve disputes in an impartial, timely and cost-efficient manner (www.smany.org); the MLA, whose  objectives are to advance reforms in the Maritime Law of the United States, to facilitate justice in its administration, to promote uniformity in its enactment and interpretation, to furnish a forum for the discussion and consideration of problems affecting the Maritime Law and its administration, to participate as a constituent member of the Comité Maritime International and as an affiliated organization of the American Bar Association, and to act with other associations in efforts to bring about a greater harmony in the shipping laws, regulations and practices of different nations (www.mlaus.org); and the ASBA, an independent membership trade association, established in 1934, that brings together member Ship Brokers, Agents  and Affiliates with offices in the United States and Canada to advances and fosters the ideals and standards of professional conduct and practices which serves as a medium through which members with common interests can communicate (www.asba.org).

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