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FITT & IOExIT Collaboration

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The need for world trade has never been greater. However, the businesses that really succeed are those who have the skills and competences necessary to differentiate be it through product or service.

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOExIT) UK, and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) Canada, are two organisations leading the world in providing the skills needed to not only trade but to generate a profitable, sustainable global business. IOExIT was established in 1935 after a period of heavy recession to support the UK recovery by increasing exports in goods and services. FITT was established in 1992 with a strong focus on supporting Canadian businesses to grow through global trade.

Combining the many years of experience with the unquestionable quality of both providers is a dream that will eventually see not just a national occupational standard in international trade but a world occupational standard.

FITT and IOExIT have been through the extensive process of mapping the qualifications that both organisations develop and maintain. In the main, as you’d expect, there are many common areas which have led to this momentous occasion of announcing a cross accreditation of qualifications. With a few exceptions, once a student has achieved a FITT credential, they will automatically be mapped across to the IOExIT equivalent and vice versa. This is the first step in moving towards all countries agreeing that world trade is a skill that is needed to prepare businesses to execute well. Especially if global trade is going to be the foundation for recovery from the world recession.

Lesley Batchelor OBE, explains, “we are very proud to be working with FITT, one of the only organisations we have found currently committed to the quality that we aspire to here in the United Kingdom. We hope that this is the start of many collaborations that will bring a standard and recognition of the value of studying world trade and getting it right!”

IOExIT already has a suite of qualifications that start at 16 and range through to a Masters Degree with some students taking on a PHD in the professional practice of international trade.

“FITT and IOExIT are committed to ensuring quality international trade programs and credentials, ” said Caroline Tompkins, CITP, FITT President. “Strengthening trade competencies internationally will benefit not only individuals but also their employers, and ultimately the world economy.’’

FITT offers a range of global trade credentials—educational and professional—to recognize and prove individuals’ level of competency, and to set individuals apart in the current competitive international business workforce.

Chairman of IOExIT, Ian Taylor commented, “if a business wants to submit its accounts to the Inland Revenue, they go to a qualified accountant. If a business wants to go to court, they turn to a qualified lawyer, however, if they want to send millions of pounds worth of cargo across the world they just do it!! We need to change this and make sure our young people grow up knowing that there is a career awaiting them in international trade.”


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