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White Paper – Dynamic and Systemic Execution of Leadership fit for Time of Change

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Helle Gleie - 2014

Helle Gleie

ITOLEAD Consulting Group has after 3 years of work released a White Paper describing why it is relevant and how it is possible, to execute leadership, control and risk manage in a dynamic and systemic way, which fits Time of Change.

The White Paper describes the thinking behind the method (named RAM), the working tool (a set of interaction rules) and the steering tool (one (1) A4 paper), and why and how those three elements, when working together, can secure timely and strong results and innovation in an increasingly complex and fast changing world. As long as there is a goal, the method works for all. For: individuals, groups of people (teams, working- and project groups, etc.) as well as for biggest and most complex, global, multicultural, compliance and risk oriented industries. RAM manages the risks and can easily be applied anywhere at any time without first having to change or to slow down.

The White Paper concludes that what matters the most is that it has become possible to shift focus, from:
1. managing – to leading (supports leaders)
2. activities – to results and innovation
3. controlling – to having control (free time and resources)
4. using static systems into which we have to fit everything – to using dynamic systemic working methods which will
always fits people, the goal and the moment of time (the opposite – and setting free people’s full potential)
5. using organisational structures to maintain control – to using relevant structures to ensure timely information
and support are floating to where it matter the most
6. working with fixed strategies and goals – to working with dynamic strategies and goals relevant to the actual
challenges and opportunities

ITOLEAD concludes:
As it will be possible to spot and benefit from fast changes, as the potential being released is significant, and as resources, time and money available can be spend more efficiently on generating results and innovation, there is a lot to gain at so many different levels (for people as well as at strategic level).

The need to find a sustainable way to work and operate in an increasingly fast changing world has for many good reasons been discussed intensively over the last years. It is now possible, without revolutionizing or risking anything.

Working differently will be a game-changer for both public and private organisations (incl. the maritime industry which is one of ITOLEAD’s focus areas), and the speed with which the thinking is picked up will matter.


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