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GAC 01072014Concern over small tanker attacks in SE Asia
COUNTRY: Worldwide

While pirate attacks on the world’s seas have fallen for the third consecutive year, small tanker hijacks by armed gangs are escalating in Southeast Asia, reveals the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in its latest piracy report.

IMB’s 2014 third quarter global piracy report notes a total of 178 incidents so far this year, down from 352 for same period in 2011. In the first nine months of 2014, pirates killed three crew, kidnapped five from their vessels and took 369 seafarers hostage. A total of 17 vessels were hijacked, 124 were boarded and 10 were fired upon. There were 27 further reports of attempted attacks….

….IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre says gangs of thieves armed with knives and guns are making Southeast Asian waters increasingly dangerous for small tankers carrying products such as gasoil or marine diesel oil. Boarding the ship at sea, pirates hold the crew hostage for a short time while they unload all or part of the cargo, which they then use, or sell locally. Of the six vessels hijacked worldwide in the third quarter of 2014, five were in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia recorded 72 incidents between January and September, including 67 armed robberies and five hijackings. In two separate hijackings off Pulau Bintan in September, 26 crew were taken hostage. Elsewhere in Indonesia 59 vessels were boarded and there were eight attempted attacks. Waters off Pulau Bintan saw more attacks than any other area in the world, with 27 incidents reported. The incidents were low level thefts or attempted thefts from vessels at anchor or berthed. The report commends the efforts taken by the Indonesian Marine Police in addressing the problem areas.

With just 10 incidents reported so far in Somalia this year, there is a risk that international attention will turn away from the 40 hostages still being held for ransom by suspected Somali pirates….

….The number of incidents reported in Nigeria has dropped noticeably, down to 13 in the first nine months of 2014, from 29 in the same period last year. Elsewhere in the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana recorded four incidents in 2014 compared with no incidents in 2013. This includes the hijacking of two product tankers – and theft of their cargoes – and a fishing vessel and the taking hostage of 86 crew members….

(For information about operations worldwide contact the respective GAC office. Details can be found at www.gac.com/worldwide)

Source: Extracts from International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau – www.icc-ccs.org – bulletin dated 29 October 2014

Lock works completed ahead of schedule
October 30, 2014, Germany, Kiel Canal

The maintenance and diving works to the Big North Lock Chamber at Brunsbuttel have been completed one day earlier than expected.

Therefore, both big lock chambers will remain in service until the morning of 4 November when the Big South Lock Chamber will be taken out of service until 6 November.

(For information about operations in Germany contact the GAC UK Hub Agency Centre at hub.gb@gac.com)

Source: Sartori & Berger, Germany – GAC agent

Temporary realignment of Temasek Fairway & West Jurong Channel
October 30, 2014, Singapore, Singapore

The boundaries of Temasek fairway and West Jurong Channel will be revised on 1 November 2014. The revisions include changes to the boundaries of existing fairways, and relocation of channel buoys.

The revised boundaries of the Temasek fairway and West Jurong Channel are as below:

TEMASEK FAIRWAY – bounded by a line joining the

following geographical positions (WGS 84 Datum):

01° 16.121’N / 103° 39.216’E

01° 15.627’N / 103° 39.216’E

01° 13.084’N / 103° 40.433’E

01° 12.729’N / 103° 39.472’E

01° 13.780’N / 103° 39.501’E

01° 15.440’N / 103° 38.709’E

01° 16.374’N / 103° 38.709’E

01° 16.121’N / 103° 39.216’E

WEST JURONG CHANNEL – bounded by a line joining the following geographical positions (WGS 84 Datum):

01° 16.374’N / 103° 38.709’E

01° 16.910’N / 103° 39.767’E

01° 17.153’N / 103° 40.112’E

01° 17.608’N / 103° 40.701’E

01° 17.797’N / 103° 41.098’E

01° 17.910’N / 103° 41.848’E

01° 17.964’N / 103° 42.682’E

01° 17.685’N / 103° 42.679’E

01° 17.621’N / 103° 41.596’E

01° 17.413’N / 103° 40.892’E

01° 16.937’N / 103° 40.275’E

01° 16.674’N / 103° 39.903’E

01° 16.435’N / 103° 39.433’E

01° 16.121’N / 103° 39.216’E

01° 16.374’N / 103° 38.709’E

01° 16.374’N / 103° 38.709’E

(For informaiton about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at singapore@gac.com)

Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Notice No.131 of 2014 dated 30 Ocotber 2014

Ebola Virus: Transit requirements
October 30, 2014, Turkey, Turkish Straits

As part of Turkey’s measures against the Ebola Virus, all transit vessels arriving in the Turkish Straits from Mediterranean ports must provide the following documents for sanitary inspection:

– Maritime Health Declaration

– List of last ten ports

For information about operations in Turkey contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com

Ecuador Public Holiday
October 30, 2014, Ecuador, all ports

Most public services in Ecuador will be closed on Monday, 3 November due to a National Holiday. Ports and terminals, however, will work normally during this day.

For information about operations in Ecuador and elsewhere in the Americas contact the GAC Houston Hub Agency Center at hub.us@gac.com

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