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Cadwallader Debate and Gala Dinner – 25th November 2014‏ –

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LSLC New_logo_2014ff7adbConflicts in maritime law. How rocky are the rocks? How tough are the hard places? Find out during debate and dinner at the Savoy

The old adage “between the devil and the deep blue sea” is especially pertinent to the shipping industry. While owners and charterers clearly have to contend with the vagaries of the latter in their commercial operations, it would be somewhat harsh to place the international lawmakers and regulators in the  former category!

Responsible owners appreciate that it is essential to maintain high standards of safety and environmental protection. They accept the good intentions of the authorities while not always seeing eye to eye with what they propose.

Universal, not conflicting standards, please

However, a global industry needs universally agreed standards. The International Maritime Organization is best placed to discharge this function, although the European Union, the United States, individual American states and other countries sometimes impose their own rules and regulations.

Conflicting requirements mean ships must navigate “between a rock and a hard place, ” the title of the London Shipping Law Centre’s Cadwallader debate at London’s Savoy Hotel on Tuesday, 25th November.

The Debaters

Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, International Registries Inc and  Christine Berg, Head of the European Commission’s Maritime Safety Unit,  will exchange salvos of highly charged views, with attendees contributing to the crossfire—-before breaking off the engagement to enjoy a three-course dinner.

The event has already attracted over 300 people, including industry figures from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Brazil and the United States, and representatives from the UK Government and the IMO. The LSLC feels this response underlines the massive importance of London as the primary centre for maritime services. Find out who is attending by clicking here.

Guest Tickets are available at £200 per person. All guests are welcome to submit their business cards after the debate to enter the LSLC’s Prize Draw for a complimentary one night stay at the Savoy.

For further information about the event, sponsorship opportunities and advance bookings please contact:


020 7936 3417

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