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OneMarket announces the worlds first exchange for ocean containers

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OneMarketLos Angeles, November 10, 2014: Freight forwarders suffer $15 billion every year in lost revenues shipping empty space from port to port because they can’t find enough buyers to fill their containers before the doors are locked and they’re loaded aboard ship. They just can’t reach the buyers fast enough using the same technology they’ve used for 40 years…phoning customers in their Rolodex and firing up the fax machine. Instead of trying to run an analog business in a digital world and sacrificing billions in revenues, the industry can now begin recovering those billions.

ONEMARKET is creating the world’s first shipping container marketplace, a cloud-based digital exchange for freight forwarders to buy and sell cubic meters of intermodal container space. Only an industry outsider—neutral to all forwarders—with an extensive knowledge of commodity trading and clearinghouse operations could create a truly open marketplace where all competitors could equally participate. ONEMARKET is that outsider; with an experienced team delivering the solution the market demands.

ONEMARKET is only available to accredited investors on www.crowdfunder.com/onemarket


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