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At last: the Security Institute Manifesto

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We are pleased to receive the news on this paramount issue from Jonathon Bright Sales & Marketing Manager, of the Security Institute this morning:
Security Institute Manifesto

Not only are we celebrating 15 years of the Institute but we have also set out our manifesto for the future, with a series of initiatives that we believe will benefit the security profession and all those who work within it. The launch event took place yesterday (18th November) at the Churchill War Rooms in London.

The Manifesto is available now to read on our website on the following link:


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Manifesto Sponsor The Inkerman Group

We are a not for profit organisation and want to thank The Inkerman Group for sponsoring our launch event. The Inkerman Group is an international business risk and intelligence company, working throughout the world to identify and monitor the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing businesses today, and delivering solutions that counter or mitigate them. The Group’s expertise covers all aspects of risk, intelligence, travel safety, protection and security, and it provides pre-emptive advice and support to clients, companies and organisations throughout the world.

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