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OAO VNIPIneft demonstrates leadership with AVEVA Integrated Engineering & Design

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AVEVA EngineeringLeading Russian EPC adopts AVEVA Engineering to integrate schematic and 3D design information for increased project efficiency

Moscow, Russia – 20 November 2014: AVEVA announced today a new contract with OAO VNIPIneft, for the supply of AVEVA Engineering software. The new deployment complements VNIPIneft’s existing AVEVA 3D design system by enabling 2D schematic and engineering data to be integrated into the common project information asset.

Alexey Berezhnoy, Deputy Managing Director, VNIPIneft, explained the importance of this contract in increasing the company’s capabilities and deepening the relationship with AVEVA. ‘The number of contracts that VNIPIneft executes has increased dramatically in recent years and we expect this positive trend to continue, ’ he said. ‘Maintaining such momentum and expanding capabilities and productivity is essential for the development of every company. For this reason, we are very careful with the technologies we work with and with the choice of the partners who supply it. VNIPIneft’s multi-disciplinary teams of engineers develop engineering information that defines a wide range of project components, such as lines, equipment and valves, together with their key attributes. AVEVA Engineering will enable them to work together more effectively, sharing information while keeping full control over the work for each discipline.’

Dmitry Smeltsov, Sales Manager EPC & Marine, AVEVA Russia & CIS, comments: ‘VNIPIneft is one of AVEVA’s longest established customers in the region and we consider this agreement a very important step in the development of our relationship. Creating, managing and ensuring the quality of a project’s entire engineering information asset can be a challenge if it is not performed effectively from the very beginning. VNIPIneft’s management team fully understands this. AVEVA Engineering enables the control of a huge amount of data across all the disciplines and their engineering, schematic and 3D data. This ensures data consistency and provides a coherent and comprehensive view of project status that allows project managers to effectively monitor work in progress.

‘This represents the most important step in the company’s development in creating a fully Integrated Engineering & Design environment, and will give them significantly increased efficiency and competitive advantage.’

About OAO VNIPIneft

Established in 1929, OAO VNIPIneft, the Research and Design Institute for the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry, was in 2004 by RF Presidential Decree included in the list of strategically important companies of the Russian Federation. The company has designed over 40 oil refineries and industrial facilities in Russia, the CIS countries, Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, India, Cuba, Poland, Turkey and Ethiopia, and over 300 oil refining units. In the volume of work carried out, the scope of orders awarded and its technical capabilities, OAO VNIPIneft is one of Russia’s leading engineering companies in the design of oil refining, gas processing, petrochemical and chemical plants, and oil field development.


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