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Experienced operators can make or break a voyage – OPEX is key

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Capt Ranjan Mookherjee

Capt Ranjan Mookherjee

Having been in shipping for over four decades, Capt Ranjan Mookherjee has donned many hats – the latest  being Managing Director at Vega Ships Management (VSM), a specialist post fixture and commercial operator – a leading name in third party commercial management in the liquid bulk supply chain.

Capt Mookherjee believes his company’s core asset is its human capital, encompassing a specialised skill set and domain expertise. As the founder of VSM, he knows what a huge difference it makes to have experienced seafarers as an integral part of the commercial vessel operations team and with over 200 years combined experience in his team, both at sea and in vessel management, the dedicated VSM personnel are key in the work they do with their global clientele.

Capt Mookherjee says; “As an employee based organisation, we believe the commitment, dedication and expertise of our team of Master Mariners and Operations Staff has paved the path to our success, ensuring we deliver the very best service and advice for our clients. At VSM we believe ‘a charterer fixes a voyage whereas an experienced operator can make or break the voyage’. In today’s market, where the margins are wafer thin, a good operator can ensure that the voyage remains profitable and that’s what we do best here at VSM. In gaining operations marked reductions in operating costs, vessel time and space optimisation, alongside tailor- made marine logistics solutions, the VSM team has earned the respect and goodwill of its global clients.”

In talking about reducing operating costs, Capt Mookherjee is particularly proud of his specialised bunker team. “Fuel forms the lion’s share in today’s vessel operating costs, even at times surpassing the vessel hire cost. It’s an expense where the leverage is very high yet small adjustments can lead to huge savings. My specialised team monitors and controls the cost at procurement and during the voyage along with offering guidance to ship masters on reducing bunker consumption. Furthermore the vessels and agents are very closely monitored on performance with more emphasis on minimising delays/costs which have a bearing on carrier/ principal’s bottom line.” He added.

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