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Shell brings ship to shore technical services to customers

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???????????????????????????????Shell Marine Products (SMP) today offers a complete portfolio of marine lubricants for almost any type of vessel, from large container ships to fishing boats. But with recent developments, such as the prevalent practice of slow steaming, new environmental regulations such as the revised vessel general permit (VGP) in US waters and the change in fuel sulphur limits in ECAs, the importance of technical service is increasingly crucial to bringing peace of mind to ship operators.

SMP employs a team of technical experts spread out around the world that is dedicated to help solve customers’ lubrication issues and also help improve equipment performance. They answer technical queries, give product and changeover advice and provide technical troubleshooting. An SMP technical expert also conducts onsite equipment inspections as well as consults with the ship’s chief engineer to verify if the proper feed rate is applied to optimise operations.

Aside from its technical experts, SMP also offers Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis, which includes a comprehensive lubricant sampling plan; recommendation of the most appropriate test suite for each piece of equipment; and advice on sampling frequency and how to take a representative sample of used oil.

There is also the Shell Rapid Lubricants Onboard Alert, a unique portable device that provides on board measurement and recording of magnetic iron content in oils and greases.

“These days, offering a suitable product should be coupled with the appropriate expert advice for changeovers and feed rates. Our technical service team here in SMP is always ready to help answer our customers’ lubrication questions and give them peace of mind, ” said Jan Toschka, General Manager of Shell Marine Products.

Shell provides lubricants for the marine industry through its Shell Marine Products business. It serves over 10, 000 vessels, ranging from large ocean-going tankers to small fishing boats in over 500 ports across 40 countries. The advice and technical services we provide help our customers achieve maximum value from using our lubricant products across all types of machinery and equipment on a ship.


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