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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our forty-eighth weekly recapitulation of the markets and world geopolitics affecting same, tonight Friday the 12th of December 2014 with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London, continue to confirm our …short and long term predictions!

• The BDI closed earlier this afternoon down 24 points since yesterday Thursday the 11th of December at 863 points, that’s a 119 points drop since last week’s 982 points. This is also a 1, 384 points drop since last December’s 2, 247 points or 61.6% for those wanting to see accuracy in percentages.
• The BCI closed down 116 points since yesterday at 763 points which is 519 points down since last week’s 1, 282 points!
• The BPI was also down twenty five points at 1, 001  points which is 87 points down from last week’s 1, 088 points…again like last week, a more modest drop in comparison with the capers…
• The BSI was down three points at 950 which is 21 points down since last week’s 971 points….
• The BHSI was up one point since yesterday at 493 points which is six points down since last week’s 499 points…
• The wets now were a bit different, the dirties and its respective index, the BDTI was up seven points at 842 which is 24 points up since last week’s 818 points.
The cleans with their respective BCTI was up six points at 781 which is four points up since last week’s 777 points.
The price of oil continues to drop and now stands at the region US$ 58 and that’s a fact. A point to watch! Imagine if we opt for the alternative sources of energy, where big money will change hands, just imagine the outcome; I love it! The scene in shipping is about to change; tremendous changes are about to take place; take cover! Don’t ask about the listed companies… Still though a great market to enter and or buy or order ships!

On the World stage now:

The Ebola saga, Ukraine with an illusion of peace, the Middle East with ISIS still making waves and its defeat will take a few years according to the “specialists”, Libya continuing as a lawless state, Europe with its wide-spread economic mess – thanks to the wrong German policies and French …”Europhobias” and Greece, not just close to the brink of catastrophe, but even more that will shape the world’s status if the shit hits the fan… Wonder whose idea it was to go for a presidential election with whatever this entails and who are those abroad “supporting” these scenarios… Next door Turkey trying to play the role of a regional super power and beyond, something to be watched before spills over and backfires. Africa still with its own problems and other regions continue to influence the markets. China now fears that a messy period approaches… Russia flexes its muscles in the Baltic making the Poles feel unease… As we pinpointed last week, “The world’s worse economic situation is what will bother us and conversely the markets for the foreseeable future!”, now begins to show the first signs of a major recession despite “famous” analysts and media “conglomerates” try to make it look “indifferent”.

The Tsavliris Annual Christmas reception at the RTYC was the more than ever a down to earth event!

WISTA-Hellas as well as the ICS /HMS event in the Greek capital were also great events and the talk of the town, as were also the many pre-Christmas DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas and other festive season’s companies events.

The twenty-fifth tip for your extended… summer holidays, and thanks to climate change, is Eilat in South Israel! Enjoy its tranquil atmosphere!

Enjoy the weekend, continue your Christmas shopping and gear up for the traditional sales in the British capital – and beyond! You can log on here below to watch the live video:

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