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Greece: good politicians are in short supply…

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John Faraclas outside the Greek Parliament: Watch this space...

John Faraclas outside the Greek Parliament: Watch this space…

Over the last forty years the nation which gave the world for three millennia great orators, politicians and business champions – particularly in the shipping front, as well as an inheritance of politics – needless to say a classicic civilization, is in decline.

Over the last twenty years Greece is in turmoil, in a mess, thanks to its democratic politicians! In the last two years the wrong choices and arrogance of the current Greek Prime Minister and his coalition partners, coupled with a populist opposition, created a Parliament of Traitors! Their actions have harmed the Greek people to a despicable extent! He never set the record straight and never delivered what he promised. The opposition too, shamefully directed by foreign centres aiming to destroy Greece and its people, bear the majority of responsibility!

We have urged long ago all to overthrow peacefully from within Greece this lot of traitors and their accomplices from abroad, so as to avoid the coming tempest that not even William Shakespeare could have imagined.

We have uploaded in the three years of this site’s existence articles and views, such as: Greece: should the shit hit the fan? and many others by eminent writers, of a kind that no other medium has ever done before and we feel content in warning about what is yet to come in Greece and beyond. We have urged all to proceed in punishing those who embezzled money since 1974! It is to our deep regret to see socialist ministers becoming shipowners, industrialists, hoteliers….; these were the politicians who promised “democracy” in Greece and one can see where they have led the country. We have also seen oligarchs supporting the centre left, so until they pass away their fortunes remain intact. We have given live interviews to Greek and foreign TV stations urging all to make or break as enough is enough.

Without punishing here and now all those whom the Greek penal system allows to post a guarantee and be freed pending trials etc, what do you expect. Add the scandalous betrayal from abroad and you can imagine what has been happening and what is yet to come.

In a few hours the first round to elect a new president of the nation takes place: shame on you all. The Greek Prime Minister, if he really cares about Greece, should forthwith call off the entire exercise and opt to hand over the governance of Greece to a team of aristos with an  international acclaimed record to streamline the finances of Greece, and pave the way to keeping the country afloat forever. The leader of the opposition too must abandon political hooliganism and rhetoric of the worst kind. Let’s stop the rot! Let’s get rid of all old guard politicians, irrespective of age and party!

Whatever happens, remember that Nemesis will strike with an unprecedented ferocity  all those destroying Greece from within and abroad; whatever happens, remember that one day somebody will behave on purpose unjustly so as to punish all those and go to lengths of unimaginable punishment, as an example, not only to the Greek people but to all nations. The die is cast!

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