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Merry Christmas to all

by admin

WP_20141224_006Good evening to all worldwide this Christmas Eve of 2014, This is John Faraclas from All About Shipping.co.uk

On behalf of all at this medium I would like to thank you once again for your wishes this Festive Season, hundreds of wishes, we are overwhelmed and also take the opportunity to thank you for your support during all these important for us start-up years for ALLABOITSHIPPING and in particular 2014, a very difficult year for humanity and conversely for the entire shipping industry.

On another note how we can let hypocrisy govern this word? How can we pretend to have a good time this Christmas when there is so much hate and tension spoiling our world? Just look around you  and be honest: do you like the state of affairs in our world? Look around you and you will notice that people are afraid to believe or trust one another, particularly the politicians and all religious denomination leaders! Who is happy with this racial antagonism? Eh! Isn’t time we come down to our senses before we come down to our knees? If we continue like this the devastation coming in all fronts will be incalculable? Who is really happy with the protection of the environment? There are hundreds of issues to be solved and we can, if there is the will! So let us all pause these days and reflect of what we have done and how we must change for a better world, for a better shipping world too without greediness, the ingredient which brought down the markets over the last six, almost years.

All the very best, Merry Christmas, Good Health above all and just spare some time to think of how we can have a better world, a better shipping environment; are we living in a lawless and heartless world?  Anyway, as per our past advise, do listen to a couple of songs, such as Leonard Cohen’s Everybody knows and John Lennon’s  So this is Christmas (war is over), great lyrics! Both encompass what is really happening! Merry Christmas!


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