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The Blue Sky M - photo credits: Reuters

The Blue Sky M – photo credits: Reuters

As we have numerous times said and following the latest shameful case of the Blue Sky M carrying nearly one thousand illegal immigrants, it is about time for a coherent action in Europe and then on a global level to have an international Coast Guard with ample technical means, personnel and mandate / rules of engagement, as the matter exceeds any logic, to guard, protect and deter all nations from these shameful actions and really save lives!

The latest case of the Blue Sky M, leads to the demand for the IMO, part of the UN (which cares on the refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants, trafficking etc etc), here and now to proceed in establishing the International Coastguard. As a pilot scheme, we propose that Europe leads the way on this matter, as lately there has been an unprecedented increase of incidents with loss of lives of desperate people who pay thousands for a better life.

Political will is a must, and a special purpose Directive should be forthwith adopted in Brussels, Any delay should burden the politicians; the rest including excuses is, with all due respect, pure nonsense!


We would welcome any comments; Happy New Year!

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