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VesselsValue.com The Trumpet 7th January 2015

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The Trumpet 24092014

Wednesday 7 January 2015
Generating 300, 000 valuations a year and rising.
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VV in the Press: Tradewinds Major asset players of the year The VV team all together at our Christmas party on the Isle of Wight, picture taken with selfie stick.
VesselsValue.com mapping service VV@ showing the final locations of the two vessels involved in recent maritime accidents: The Hoegh Osaka and The Cemfjord.The tracking route for the Hoegh Osaka shows the captains emergency manoevers before finally coming to a halt on the Bramble Bank in the Solent.For more information on our map click here to get in touch with one of the team.
New Functionality: VV@ Distance and Routing ToolBy using VV@ Distance Tracker subscribers will be able to track the amount of time, nautical miles or required speed it will take to get from one location to another.The route tracker will either tell you the estimated number of days to arrival, or will provide the speed required to arrive at the specified time.With over 2500 ports to choose from, type in the departure location and destination, leaving either the ETA or Speed blank.Get in touch here to request a demo.

CSCL Globe to arrive into Felixstowe

VesselsValue.com’s Mapping Service VV@ showing the world’s largest container vessel, the CSCL Globe, travelling to the UK. Currently worth $158 million, it is still not the most expensive live container vessel.

Get in touch to find out the highest valued vessels currently on the water.

Seasure’s Demolition Report

Seasure Shipping’s weekly demolition report looks at individual ships scrapped, LDT/$ fluctuations and demolition trends within the bulker, tanker and container industries.

Click here to register for the full report, which comes out every Wednesday.

VVQ Bespoke Consultancy – Haircut ModelsVV recently launched VVQ – Bespoke Consultancy: customisable analytics, reports and tools for a deeper view on the market.Pictured above: Recovery rates of sample Capsize vessel through time.
Click here to request more information about VVQ

Your Weekly Seasure S&P Report

Register for the Seasure Blue Report to see the total sales for last week, comparing the VesselsValue.com online valuation to the sale price. 2014 ytd S&P trends are also included.

Job of the Week

See Spinnaker’s Job of the Week: Dry Cargo Chartering Manager | New York

A dynamic vessel-owning company with a young fleet is looking for a well-connected individual to join their team.

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