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BIO-SEA confirms its partnership with Ocean Clean – Germany

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BIO_SEABIO-SEA by BIO-UV is pleased to announce the reinforcement of its partnership with the German company Ocean Clean, which is member of the Kloska Group and Neuenhauser Group.

BIO-SEA has been working with Ocean Clean for several years now. Ocean Clean is the official German certified supplier for BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system range dedicated to Retrofit projects (modular version) and New Building projects (skid version). The company will also be responsible for the entire BIO-SEA products follow-up and maintenance in the German market.

About BIO-UV
The sole and unique French ballast water treatment specialist BIO-UV designs and manufactures the complete ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA, which combines mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection,  without any chemical treatment whatsoever, made with high marine quality components.
BIO-UV is an innovative industrial company created in May 2000 with a subsidiary in the USA (Delta UV,  California). The BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets systems and concepts of disinfection by ultraviolet light (UV-C) adapted to a large number of applications. The BIO-SEA products are IMO type approved, USCG AMS accepted and USCG type approval currently in process. BIO-SEA has equipped many vessels, with reliable, innovative, modular and cost efficient solutions.

About Kloska Group
The owner-managed Kloska Group is one of the leading system suppliers for shipping industry, shipyards, on and offshore, industry, handicraft and construction. The diverse business fields range from diesel engine spare parts service, connected with own repair shops, conveyor technique and hydraulics to catering, provisions,  techniques and stores deliveries for ferries, cargo vessels, cruise ships, research vessels and stations. The service portfolio for the customers of the Kloska Group is completed by a multitude of attractive services. More than 130, 000 articles are stored at the sites and are even available at short-term notice. Meanwhile, the Group consists of 17 companies with more than 750 employees, represented at all important maritime locations in Northern Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and it has a supplier and partner network worldwide.

About Neuenhauser Group
The Neuenhauser Group of Companies is a systematic multi-field group in mechanical engineering with activities in different business fields. Neuenhauser Group acts as holding and all subsidiaries act as independent entities. The wide range of products in many segments of machine and plant construction makes the Neuenhauser Group independent from single market sectors and therefore reduces the possible effects of ups and downs in single market sectors. The firms of the Neuenhauser Group are active in contract manufacturing,  textile industry and automation, commercial vehicles, machine elements, compressor manufacturing,  environmental equipment, renewable energy and products for the steel industry.


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