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Sea Hawk Paints CEO presents solution to industry-wide antifouling agent shortage

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image001 (9)CLEARWATER, Fla. – Jan. 20, 2015 – (Marine NewsWire) Today Sea Hawk Paints, the world’s leading premium nautical coating provider, announced the completion of a seminar for their national distribution partner Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing, Inc. Sea Hawk CEO, Erik Norrie, delivered a four-session training seminar for the Land ‘N’ Sea sales team during their recent “Growing Together As One” national sales meeting. Norrie relayed the implementation of sales control to 0 percent imposed on BASF Irgarol®1051 US, an algaecide specifically designed for marine antifouling coatings, as detailed in a letter to its customers by its maker, and pointed out possible disruption to certain dual biocides coating products in the market as a result. Norrie then presented the Sea Hawk Paints solution to the problem, which is the current dual biocide antifouling boat paint Biocop TF™, that can be used individually or blended with several other Sea Hawk single biocide products to create a variety of application specific dual biocide bottom paint solutions. Explaining Sea Hawk’s diverse line, much of which is not Irgarol dependent, Norrie showed Land ‘N’ Sea’s seasoned sales team an always-available assortment for providing their customers with dual biocide boat bottom paint protection for virtually any marine condition at a variety of competitive price points. The sessions concluded with an open forum Q&A.

“The ‘Growing Together As One’ national sales meeting is an incredible event for exchanging information and equipping the Land ‘N’ Sea sales team to sell Sea Hawk Paints products, ” said Norrie. “Boat yards can count on Sea Hawk’s Biocop TF as the perfect dual biocide alternative to the problems posed by any disruption in the BASF Irgarol supply, ” Norrie added.

Biocop TF is Sea Hawk Paint’s premier dual biocide antifouling paint. Its proprietary “PL3” polymer binding technology provides an engineered biocide that delivers maximum protection from hard and soft growth during any season in both fresh water and saltwater. Biocop TF is Lloyd’s Registry approved and can be applied directly to vessels of all sizes. Additionally, Biocop TF is sold in pint containers and can be used as an additive to other Sea Hawk copper-based self-polishing copolymer and hardened epoxy antifouling paints to expand their antifouling capabilities to inhibit slime and weed soft growth. Biocop TF gallons and pints are available at authorized Sea Hawk distributors and retailers.

A trendsetter of marine bottom paints, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. and the Sea Hawk brand were established in 1978 and are dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products and customer satisfaction to today’s mariner. New Nautical Coatings is family owned and operated with a commitment to excellence. It provides a wide array of application-specific marine coating products that include antifouling systems, primers, solvents and resins. Now offering innovative products globally, the Sea Hawk brand has enjoyed unprecedented growth and continues to grow as its products become more in demand worldwide.


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