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UK Marine Training – In-Company Crisis Management and Media Response Training Course

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UK & Ireland training

Our knowledgeable trainers are selected from our global network of surveyors, auditors and experts. They deliver practical, up-to-date training, which is tailored to your needs and based on real life experience.

Tap into our great depth of knowledge and extensive breadth of experience and benefit from our award-winning training. Prices include all course materials, refreshments and a buffet lunch each day during the event. And if you book a course 4 weeks before the start date then you will receive a 5% discount.

Managing a Marine Emergency – Crisis Management and Media Response

This two day interactive training course provides guidance and insight into crisis and media response planning and execution during a marine emergency.The course is available to clients as an in-company course only and can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Who will benefit:
This course is intended for vessel management, legal, operations and crew department managers, senior executives and authorised company representatives as well as seagoing personnel.

The main focus of the course is on describing the challenges a company may face during an emergency and effective methods that may be used to deal with the emergency and with the media and other important stakeholders.

The course will introduce participants, through a combination of presentations and interactive group discussions and exercises, to the following:

  • how and why mismanaged incidents and issues may escalate into a corporate crisis and the need for forward thinking and strategic management
  • the importance of identifying and prioritising stakeholders
  • key messages for internal and external communications and positioning the company
  • the importance of effective planning and the need for integrated crisis and emergency response organisation and resources
  • An interactive exercise designed to illustrate how external technical support can provide specific expertise and resources to assist in managing a marine casualty
  • the importance of responding to the media and fundamental principles of managing external communications to protect reputation.

Delegates will be given the opportunity of experiencing various media interview techniques in front of a camera and over the telephone.

Delegates will be allocated a team and will be expected to respond to a realistic scenario and stakeholder inputs provided by role players. The focus of the response will be on internal and external communications and will include:
telephone response, press statements, media interviews and participation in a press conference.

A certificate will be issued to the delegates on successful completion of the course.

For a personalised quotation and for further information please contact:ukmarinetraining.liverpool@lr.org

ISPS Code: Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) (DfT approved course)

This three day training course will provide port facility security officers with the training necessary to meet their obligations under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code. Adopting practical approaches to interpreting and implementing measures will help ensure compliance with maritime security requirements.Who will benefit:
This training is of value to everyone assigned as a port facility security officer or who is responsible for overseeing security of ports and port facilities. This training is a rapid and comprehensive programme that enable ports and port facilities to meet the requirements of the ISPS Code.

This comprehensive training programme will train port facility security officers in the specific responsibilities they will have under the ISPS Code
Our training begins with comprehensive ISPS Code knowledge, fully immersing candidates in the mandatory elements of the Code. This forms the foundation for a practical port facility officer. This is followed by training that provides expertise in the specific requirements and duties to be carried out by port facility security officers such as:

  • conducting an initial comprehensive security survey of the port facility, taking into account the relevant port facility security assessment
  • ensuring that the port facility security plan is developed and maintained
  • implementing and exercising the port facility security plan – undertaking regular security inspections of the port facility
  • increasing security awareness and vigilance of the port facility personnel
  • coordinating with security services.

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Price: £1, 050+VATLondon – 24-26 February 2015

A 5% discount is given to bookings made 4 weeks prior to the course start date.

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