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Greece’s new government sworn in; the suspense begins!

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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe  SYRIZA/ANEL coalition government is now a reality following the respective announcement by  Minister of State Nikos Pappas and government spokesman Gabriel Sakelaridis.

Thirteen ministries including four mega ones in order to have a more flexible cabinet where announced.

The Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean looks that it remains intact, but under the mega-ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism. Professor George Stathakis heads this Ministry. Alternate Ministers are Chrsitos Sprintzis (Infrastructure, Transport and Networks), Thodoris Dritsas (Shipping and the Aegean) and Elena Kountoura (Tourism).

We expect to see a more wise tackling of all shipping issues, particularly after Thodoris Dritsas halts the PPA (the Piraeus Port Authority) privatisation. If this is for the benefit of the Greek nation, time will tell! If on the other hand all previous administrations failed to reach a beneficial deal for the Greek state, then a big bravo to Dritsas….

We expect to see improvements in Tourism, particularly in Maritime Tourism with whatever this entails and hope Kountoura and Dritsas with their advisors can find the golden ratio and see better days with more money coming to Greece’s coffers… Ports, Marinas, Marine Sports and many other things can be done to further the Greek economy and create much needed jobs for the greek people who have the highest rate of unemployment in the Eurozone…and beyond…  The Greek coastal services, ferry boats et al, as well as short sea shipping for both shipping and tourism ministries is a must to be properly tackled. Party politics and idealogies have no place in shipping; the same applies for Health and Education! Again time will tell…

Another ministry which is of great interest to the shipping world is that of National Defence. Here Panos Kamenos, the ANEL (Independent Greeks) leader begun with formidable attitude as well as understanding; he pledged that will rectify the remuneration of the armed forces, wage-wise and hopefully, in our view, he must begin a defence diplomacy and conflict prevention as well as exports of naval ships to be built in Greece’s four ailing shipyards, which on the other hand are capable of undertaking naval works. That will in turn boost the shiprepair, shipbuilding and conversion of merchant vessels; he knows well the issue, as in the past he has served in the ministry of Shipping as under-secretary. A training ship is a must for cadets of the greek merchant navy academies as same will attract more and more people to the seafaring profession.; with the shipping minister he can do it! On piracy, terrorism and illegal immigration too he can offer a lot and solve many unsettled issues.

We also understand that military budgets in Europe are cut and one has to do more with less; the Cold War is over, but other challenges surface… On this issue too, lets see how Kamenos reacts.

Let’s see also on the issue of reparations from Germany what he will succeed with, as well as together with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, on cutting the Greek debt!

As we have been staunch supporters of transparency, we will wait to see how this anti-austerity coalition will tackle Greece’s debt and creditors. We are also ultra anti-austerity as well as supporting the issue of non-paying the so called Greek debt; we believe there is a scam against the greek people!

Will also wait the coalition government’s statements in parliament and then we will appropriately report. We live in interesting times! Lets hope that this coalition, both parties in power down in Athens prove wrong  the late Sir Winston Churchill who said on the definition of a politician: “He is asked to stand, he wants to sit, he is expected to lie”…

Herebelow is the  composition of the new government

  • Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
  • Vice President: John Dragasakis
  • Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction: Nick Voutsis
  • Deputy Minister of Administrative Reform: George Katrougalos
  • Deputy Citizen Protection Minister: John Panousis
  • Deputy Minister for Immigration Policy: Tasia Christodoulopoulou
  • Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace: Maria Kollias – Tsarouha
  • Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism: George Stathakis
  • Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks: Christos Spirtzis
  • Deputy Minister of Shipping: Theodore Dritsas
  • Deputy Tourism Minister: Elena Kountouras
  • Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy: Panagiotis Lafazanis
  • Deputy Minister of the Environment: John Tsironis
  • Deputy Minister for Rural Development: Vangelis Apostolou
  • State Secretary for Rural Development: Panagiotis Sgouridis
  • Minister of Finance: Yanis Varoufakis
  • Deputy Minister of Finance: Nadia Valavani
  • Deputy Finance Minister: Dimitris Mardas
  • Minister of Education, Culture and Religion: Aristides Baltas
  • Deputy Education Minister: Tasos Courakis
  • Deputy Minister of Culture: Nikos Xydakis
  • Deputy Minister of Research and Innovation: Costas Fotakis
  • Minister of Sports: Stavros Kontonis
  • Labour Minister Panos Skourletis
  • Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity: Theano Photiou
  • Deputy Minister to combat unemployment: Rania Antonopoulos
  • Minister of Health and Social Security: Panagiotis Kouroumplis
  • Deputy Minister of Health: Andreas Xanthos
  • Deputy Minister of Social Security: Dimitris Stratoulis
  • Foreign Minister: Nick Kotzias
  • Deputy Minister for European Affairs: Nikos Chountis
  • Deputy Minister of International Economic Relations: Euclides Tsakalotos
  • Minister of Defense: Panos Kamenos
  • Deputy Minister of Defense: Kostas Isihos
  • Deputy Minister of Defense: Nick Toskas
  • Minister of Justice: Nikos Paraskevopoulos
  • Minister of State for the Fight against Corruption: Panagiotis Nikoloudis
  • Minister of State for Coordination of Government Project: Alekos Flabourari
  • Deputy Minister: Terrence Kouik
  • State Minister: Nikos Pappas
  • Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman: Gabriel Sakellaridis


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