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Oslo Børs launches new bond indices

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oslo bors02/02/2015 – As from today Oslo Børs is calculating 20 new bond indices. With that the bond index portfolio is expanded from five to 25 indices.

The new indices are divided into three categories with Norwegian government bonds, treasury bills and money market instruments respectively as underlying instruments. The main objective is to supply investors in the Norwegian bond market with portfolio benchmarks where return can be replicated.

The new bond indices are already in use by a number of Norwegian and international market participants. Oslo Børs takes over the indices from DNB, who has been calculating them since the 1990s.

Index values for the new bond indices will be available on our web site: http://www.oslobors.no/ob_eng/markedsaktivitet/bondIndexList?newt__menuCtx=1.7

For more information regarding the indices please see: http://www.oslobors.no/ob_eng/Oslo-Boers/Products-and-services/Market-data/Indices/Specialized-bond-and-money-market-indices

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