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The gas market | Employment in Singapore | Top jobs

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February 2015
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Shipping is an industry of traditions. It’s hardly a surprise when you consider the industry’s long history, but with the huge technical and operational advancements of recent years it’s no wonder that these traditions are under the microscope at this year’s Connecticut Maritime Association’s (CMA) annual conference – detailed in our guest blog from the organisers. I’ll be speaking on a panel at the CMA conference on people in shipping – a fantastic opportunity and a real honour.We also take a look this month at employment and hiring in Singapore with the great push for local talent in the region. What does this mean for employers, and indeed job seekers? Our Strategic Relationship Director Eric Branson discusses the impact of this classic case of too much demand and not enough supply. 

It’s an exciting time for Spinnaker as we grow our focus on the gas market, which is good timing as the LNG market matures. It’s such an exciting time to be involved within the gas market, particularly with dedicated consultant support in this area.


As ever, with our blogs we’re always keen to know your thoughts. You can tweet me at@spinnakerglobal


Phil Parry, Chairman, Spinnaker Global

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Latest vacancies

Marine Consultant, Aberdeen, Europe (HQ00008723)

Demurrage and Claims Manager, London, Europe (HQ00008719)

Bunker Supply Manager, Houston, North America (HQ00008718)

Ship Manager, Florida, North America (HQ00008717)

Managing Director – South East, Europe (HQ00008714)

Container Chartering Broker, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008713)

Container Chartering Broker, Copenhagen, Europe (HQ00008712)

Sale and Purchase, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008711)

Sale & Purchase, Copenhagen, Europe (HQ00008710)

Offshore Broker, Copenhagen, Europe (HQ00008709)

Offshore Broker, Dubai, Asia Pacific (HQ00008708)

Offshore Broker, Shanghai, Asia Pacific (HQ00008707)

Offshore Broker, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008706)

Dry Operator, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008704)

Commercial Manager, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008702)

Global Physical Operations Manager, Southern Europe, Europe (HQ00008701)

VLCC Broker, Europe (HQ00008700)

Senior Technical Sales Manager, Middle East (HQ00008696)

Electrical Surveyor – Liverpool, Europe (HQ00008693)

FD&D Solicitor – 2+ PQE, Europe (HQ00008692)

FD&D Solicitor – 4+ PQE, Europe (HQ00008691)

Chartering and Business Development Manager, North America (HQ00008690)

Hull Underwriter, London, Europe (HQ00008689)

Panamax Broker, Europe (HQ00008688)

Chemical Vessel Operator, Singapore, Asia Pacific (HQ00008687)

Senior Financial Controller, Europe (HQ00008686)

Senior Post Fixture Operator, Dubai, Middle East (HQ00008685)

Syndicate Claims Executive, London, Europe (HQ00008684)

Purchasing Officer – London, Europe (HQ00008683)

Business Development Executive, Europe (HQ00008682)

Superintendent Engineer, Houston, North America (HQ00008681)

Tanker Broker, Europe (HQ00008680)

Vetting Inspector – The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Europe (HQ00008679)

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