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Theodore E. Veniamis re-elected president of the Union of Greek Shipowners for a third term!

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Theodore E. Venamis

Theodore E. Veniamis

Following the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the UGS members, which took place yesterday Wednesday the 4th of February at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens, the President Theodore E. Veniamis took the podium and reported on the activities of 2014, as well as he delivered a very important speech extensively covering the shipping industry’s developments within Greece, the European Union and  the World at a very crucial time.

The proceedings of the convention continued with the election of officers for the new three year-term administration.

The newly elected Board met earlier today and after the verification of the election result, constituted as follows:

  • President: Theodore E. Veniamis*,
  • Vice Presidents: Constantinos J. Martinos and Michael D. Chandris,
  • General Secretaries: Dr. John Koustas and Antonios-Thomas Lemos
  • Treasurer: Dr. Mathew D. Los
  • Alternate Treasurer: Melpomeni Traulou

Members (in alphabetical order): George Angelakis, John Angelikoussis, George Angelopoulos, George Gratsos, George Dalakouras, John Ioannides, Laskarina Karastamati, Konstantine Karousis, Pantelis-Elefterios (Lou) S. Kollakis, George Koumantaros, Konstantinos Konstantakopoulos, Panagiotis Laskaridis, Stephanos Lekanides, George S. Livanos, John K. Lyras, George Makrymichalos, Michael Bodouroglou, John Xylas, George Economou, Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, Ioanna Prokopiou, Dimitrios J. Fafalios and Angeliki Frangou.

The above, as in general all Greek Shipowners, are one of the world’s most powerful individuals of the highest calibre and business reputation and not only further the sector, but support in many ways the international community with their silent unsolicited charitable work!

*Theodore E Veniamis,  comes from the sea-town of Vrontados in the Island of Chios, the motherland of many seafarers and successful shipowners for over three centuries! The son of a Master Mariner, Veniamis graduated from the University of Athens’ Commercial Faculty and has been involved in the industry for nearly 40 years. A successful shipowner with a multitude of other local and international activities and participations in international shipping associations, organisations, and lobbies, he leads Greece’s, Europe’s and the World’s most powerful body for over six years, in the most crucial period of the World’s Economic situation. Above all Veniamis is renowned for his charitable activities, one of which involves primary education as well as maritime!

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