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theBRIDGE Monthly Newsletter FEB 2015

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The Bridge 24 FEB 2015

SAMI’s monthly update brings you the latest developments from the Association, industry news and upcoming events.

ISO 28007 Certified Members

SAMI’s most recent research into certifiction indicates that more than 85% of the transits conducted across the Gulf of Aden/Indian Ocean High Risk Area are by PMSCs that have completed ISO 28007.As ISO 28007 moves towards full ratification by the International Organization for Standardization, SAMI now has a web page dedicated to those SAMI members that have completed ISO 28007 with an accredited certification body.


The full list can be viewed at the following link >

Floating Armouries

The profile of Floating Armouries has again been raised and is receiving public attention.The elections in Sri Lanka at the beginning of January brought in a new President and political regime that are reviewing a number of current practices including Floating Armouries. 

The BBC World Service recently broadcast a radio programme on the issues surrounding floating armouries, accompanied by thefollowing article >


The topic was also covered in a feature by theWall Street Journal >


It is too early to predict what will happen but the subject of Floating Armouries is attracting growing attention and will be debated at the IMO at the next Maritime Safety Committee meeting in June.

Gulf of Guinea Seminar

SAMI will be hosting it’s next event on 31st March on board HQS Wellington, London.The half day seminar will focus on the complexities of maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.


The event has already attracted significant attention and representatives from several key organisations such as the IMO, European Commission, OCIMF and INTERTANKO will be speaking.


View event details >

International Outreach

As part of SAMI’s international outreach programme CEO Peter Cook will be visiting a number of key maritime events.First up is CMA’s Shipping 2015 where Peter will be attending the USA’s largest annual shipping event and during the week of23rd March will be visiting key international and US government organisations and PMSCS.


April sees Peter head East to attend Sea Asiain Singapore and visiting the growing number of member companies in the region, including China and South Korea.


If you would like to arrange a meeting with Peter at any of these events please email the secretariat.

Missing Seafarers Reporting Programme

A new and vital public international resource where details can be submitted and recorded concerning missing seafarers and fishermen globally has now gone live.The first phase of the ‘Missing Seafarers Register’ as part of the ‘Missing Seafarers Reporting Programme’ has been launched by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS). The platform aims to build an accurate international database of the status of seafarers and fishermen missing at sea on a global basis.


It will eventually become a multilingual database where cases of missing mariners and fishermen can be registered and tracked, with the ability for people with key information to post and update details through a moderated and securely encrypted platform.


Read More >



SAMI’s Affiliate members deliver a range of products and services to support the operational needs of the maritime industry.


From drugs testing to logistics, insurance to travel, these service providers offer SAMI’s membership and network tailor made solutions at competitive prices.

Find out more about SAMI’s Affiliates online atwww.seasecurity.org

Thank you for taking the time to find out more of the work of SAMI, and we stand by to assist in making sure that wherever and whenever shipping needs security, it can access the right security.


If you would like to find out anything more about the issues discussed, please contact SAMI directly on +44 (0)20 7788 9505 or email enquiries@seasecurity.org

 Security Association for the Maritime IndustryHQS Wellington, Victoria Embankment,

London, WC2R 2PN


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