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The BDI gets its added value…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our ninth weekly recapitulation of the shipping markets, their respective main indices and world geopolitics affecting same in 2015, tonight Friday the 27th of February, with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in Athens.

  • The BDI closed earlier on this afternoon seven points up  since yesterday Thursday the 26th  February 2015 at 540 points which is 27 points up since last week’s 513 points.
  • The BCI closed down four points at 521, which is minus 21 points since last week’s 542 points… not a good level at all, volatility at its best!
  • The BPI was up nine points at 540 points which is 26 points up since last week’s 514 points – the size doing best these days!
  •  The BSI was also up nine points at 515 points which is 25 points plus since last week’s 490 points.
  • The BHSI was up 8 points at 308 points which is 38 points up since last Friday’s 270 points.
  • The wets remain strange yet again with the latest published BDTI steady at 837 points, which is four points down since last week’s 841; the Cleans and the respective BCTI though was up 24 points at 676 which is  up 76 points since last week’s 600 points!

Accordingly, we reiterate that this is still the best time to enter shipping both for wets and dry tonnage!

In geopolitics very simply: the biggest mess ever recorded enfolds and see what’s is coming next:

  • Ukraine, as we have numerous times predicted and stated, continues to produce more shocks. It will be very difficult to have peace in the region if same doesn’t match the long term interests of Russia. Russia and Russian policy remains the real focal point; President Putin is flexing Russia’s muscles. The latest alarm around the United Kingdom’s airspace is one. Other incidents in the Baltic Sea and off the coast of Sweden are also alarming. The Baltic States are also an area to watch. Lastly another event brings Russia once more in the spot light: Boris Nemtsov, the opposition leader, was shot dead tonight. We will revert on this.
  • The ISIS issue sends alarms and we must give an end.- (full stop and period). The recruitment from Europe and all these trips of jihadists to Syria and other places must stop here and now. No excuses please. We need to be alarmed for our ships and ports too!
  • Immigration particularly form all the North African coast and the East Med, particularly form the coast of Anatolia must stop here and now; we have the means but not the political will.
  • In Europe now, very simply Europe must get its act together. The Greek saga must come to an amicable end. Those wanting to receive back the money lend to Greece live in another Galaxy, as they should be scrutinised as well as their governments and banks on why and how and why these situation continued for over forty years. I have called this a scam and continue to reiterate on this view. Where is the European Ombudsman? We all know the role of the EU Ombudsman and in particular investigating complaints against EU institutions… On the other hand the Greek government should adopt a proper attitude to tackle the issue. Any Greek Government. The role of any previous Greek regime over the last forty years should be thoroughly investigated and those responsible should face the music!!!  Misinterpreting statements from the current government’s supporters is really worrying given that this government promised things not that cannot happen, but they don’t know how to put them forward and counter to the Europeans and make it really happen. The Greek media should become more transparent and fine, OK, we know they owe an arm and a leg to the banks so they are once again “careful” not to upset the current coalition government in Athens , as if, they will all close down due to their debts.  Most of the Greek people and in particular the voters of SYRIZA, are not aware of the inherited obligations from previous regimes. Irrespective if these obligations are mandatory or whatever, they are reversible subject you know how to negotiate and drop immy the rude attitude we’ve seen lately. This medium has all along condemned the European attitude against Greece, and in particular the German one, as we can also see how they want to introduce harsh tax to the Greeks, catch the tax dodgers whilst themselves are by far the biggest tax dodgers  of the world! “The International Tax Dodgers Community”* which for 200 years has introduced favourable tax evasive laws and tax avoidance schemes, is trying to attack the Greeks and the Greeks shipowners. Did I hear you say KG companies?
  • Ending this big parenthesis on Europe and Greece, we remind you once again that there are Germany, France, Italy and Spain to name but a few as the next “candidates”, far worse than Greece, to collapse. Greece is a self-sustained country having everything in abundance, but ruled from abroad by proxy local politicians, and we can entertain you live on this issue if they wish to come up and challenge us. We stand by our dignity as a proud nation and that’s all! We will reply appropriately if needed to any internal or external threat of any kind; rest assured of this! We hate orchestrated schemes; you dead well know what I mean.
  • Pleased to see that the US and Cuba are coming closer. The peoples of both countries and the world at large had enough from this isolation which harmed only the public there. A nasty chapter in history is about to end; enough!
  • Prince William’s visit in Japan one more success; China will be his next stop; another success expected there!

Enjoy the weekend.-

You can watch the live video herebelow:

* A virtual situation/entity…

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