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Alternative funding models for higher education in Greece

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UK EMB ATH 02032015UKTI Greece hosted a debate on the role of philanthropy in higher education led by the University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy.

On Thursday 19 February 2015, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Greece helped organise an open debate on the role of philanthropy in higher education. It was held as part of a series of workshops organised by the Initiative for Heritage Conservancy (IHC) which will also include presentations by UK companies and museums later this year. These collaborations came about as a direct outcome of the recent ‘Culture is Great’ event hosted by UKTI Greece in October. The scene for the debate was set by the representatives of the Centre for Philanthropy:

  • Dr Triona Fitton, Research Associate, presented the work of the Centre which includes philanthropy research, teaching and public engagement
  • Dr Eddy Hogg, Lecturer, discussed some of the moral issues involved in philanthropy in higher education such as ethics, democracy and the responsibility not only of giving but also of receiving philanthropy
  • Dr John McLoughlin, Honorary Research Fellow and experienced fundraiser, focused on explaining how philanthropy is perceived by different people/organisations and the need to establish the appropriate legislative and cultural frameworks within which philanthropy can grow, especially within the Greek context

The audience included representatives from:

  • higher education organisations and providers
  • the British Council
  • charities and other stakeholders

They took part in a discussion on the issues raised by the panel, but also introduced others more directly relevant to the Greek experience. The debate brought to the surface:

  • the need for greater legislative flexibility
  • the need for the involvement and education of both potential givers and professional fundraisers in Greece
  • highlighted the opportunities for the promotion of UK expertise for cultural/educational sector fundraising consultants or advisors

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