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Shadow Transport Minister and Jeanius discuss raising the profile of shipping

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Teamjeanius with Gordon Marsden MP & Andrew Pakes

Teamjeanius with Gordon Marsden MP & Andrew Pakes

Shadow Transport Minister, Gordon Marsden MP, today spent time discussing the shipping industry with leading Maritime PR & marketing company, Jeanius Consulting.

Gordon Marsden MP was visiting Milton Keynes, the UK’s no1 city for business growth and investment, as part of the pre-election campaign, with local MK candidate Andrew Pakes. Jeanius was selected for a special visit due to its highly successful business growth in the city and strong maritime connections.  Meeting the unique maritime industry ‘all-girl’ PR and marketing team, Gordon enjoyed finding out about Jeanius’ growing international business and discussed various issues facing the global and UK maritime industry, including the lack of public profile for the industry – a topic close to Jeanius’ heart.

Jeanius Consulting speaks regularly and passionately about the shipping industry’s need to be more proactive and visual in its approach to media. “Shipping really needs to be getting ‘out there’ by every medium possible and that means speaking up and speaking out about what a great industry we have”, said Managing Director Jean Winfield. “If shipping unites and collectively gains awareness, this will only serve to help both the public to appreciate our amazing industry, and future governments to understand and legislate for what our industry truly needs, to remain the great powerhouse behind the UK economy. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to personally discuss this with Gordon today.”

Jean Winfield with Gordon Marsden MP & Andrew Pakes looking at world shipping

Jean Winfield with Gordon Marsden MP & Andrew Pakes looking at world shipping

Gordon said “It’s been absolutely great to be here and discuss shipping with Jeanius Consulting because they are spearheading a lot of amazing work for the maritime and seafaring community. I feel that raising the profile of shipping is a joint responsibility between Government, the Department for Transport and the private sector; and what I mean by the private sector is not only the large companies and organisations, but also the great opportunity available for smaller businesses to get involved, as there is obviously a supply chain involved. There are some fantastic niche, small maritime companies that need to be brought on-board. There needs to be a structure that involves people, including the various employee representatives and unions, who all have a key role to play. It is important everyone signs up to a strategy and works together.”

Jean Winfield concluded “It was a great privilege to receive the visit from Gordon today and for us to share with him our business ethos and passion for maritime. Gordon was hugely supportive of the need for maritime to be more visual and has great vision about shipping’s future. My whole team is very proud to be a part of both the global shipping industry and the local business community. It’s been an amazing business journey for Jeanius, we’re going from strength to strength and, from here, we have an excellent platform for future growth and expansion.”

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